Off-grid Colorado mountain home for sale!

photo 0 1

photo courtesy of: Realtor Mitch Weiner

How would you like to snuggle up inside the embrace of the earth…. with warm natural elements surrounding you…. your own greenhouse full of food…. and spectacular forest views to the south with the warm Colorado sun pouring in?

photo 13

photo courtesy of: Realtor Mitch Weiner

Well Рhere you go!  This fabulous earth-sheltered home is located in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado.

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Snapshots of an abandoned house in Ontario

photo credit: Lisa de Nikolits

photo credit: Lisa de Nikolits

Fellow Canadian writer and urban explorer Lisa de Nikolits recently photographed an old farmhouse she came across in rural southern Ontario. This was somewhere in the vicinity of the small town of Moscow which is northwest of Kingston.

photo credit: Lisa de Nikolits

photo credit: Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa is one of Canada’s rising literary stars and she is fabulous with a camera as well. She agreed to let me share some of her old house photos with you….

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Vintage dollhouses: my personal finds


hand made antique doll house

Recently, I took a stroll through some antique stores in Florence, Colorado – affectionately known as the “antique capital of Colorado”. I came across so many vintage dollhouses that I thought I’d throw a post together with the pictures I took.

The first image (above) looked to be a folksy, hand-made affair – possibly even modeled after someone’s own house. Which I find so endearing!

The huge beauty (below) was more of a pro/factory job…

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Alexandria Virginia oldies

Alexandria Virginia cottage
Reader Jim D. of Virginia is a fellow house peeper who sent me some of his house photos in and around Alexandria, VA.

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For the love of an old farmhouse

image from:

I cannot resist the urge to share these photos of a positively lovely old farmhouse. I tried and tried to get permission from the realtor/homeowner to use pictures of this house but never did get a reply.

I was so charmed, however, by this quaint property in rural upstate New York, that I said ‘what the heck’ – I’ll do a post on it anyway!

House Crazy Sarah never learns her lesson (when it comes to copyright violation) but, love is love and I’m in love with this darling house.

Have a look….

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