10050 Cielo Drive – the last house of Sharon Tate

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“Cielo” means heaven in Spanish.

And heaven was how 26-year-old actress Sharon Tate described her sprawling ranch-style home in Benedict Canyon, California in 1969.

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She called it her “love house”.

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Tragically, for Sharon and her house guests, her beautiful rented home became the scene of one of the most horrific and sensationalized tragedies in Hollywood history. I won’t even get into the gory details of the crime, it has been documented at great lengths on the Internet and TV shows and even movies. Suffice it to say, that if you want to find out more about the crime, Google will be your willing and able guide.

image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/georgie56/ – encanto_sunland’s photostream

The thing I am interested in is Sharon Tate’s beloved house at 10050 Cielo Drive. Since the August 9th anniversary of that tragic crime is fast approaching, I’ve been scouring the net trying to find as many pictures of the house as I can (and there are many) but a good deal are copyrighted. So I’ve tried to compile some photos of the house that *I think* are in the public domain.

image from: cielodrive.com

As a housie, who loves vintage homes (and the carefree era of the 1960’s) this home holds a special mystique for me. It does have a tragic echo to it when viewed in photos, in part because of the gruesome events that occurred there, and in part because the house no longer exists.

That’s right, the last house that Sharon Tate lived in was torn down in 1994. The entire property site was scrubbed and a massive new 17,000 square foot Mediterranean-style villa was built on the lot.

image from: sensationalsharontate.blogspot.com

It is completely unrecognizable from the “love house” of the 1960’s that Sharon adored.

image from: www.sott.net

Still, I appreciate the house for what it was, and I see what Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski saw in the home when they rented it in February of 1969: A beautiful sprawling rancher in a peaceful, hilltop setting.

image from: retrokimmer.com

Here’s the house’s back-story:

The home was originally built in 1942 for a French actress named Michèle Morgan.

image from: www.charliemanson.com

The French country style home was designed by architect Robert Byrd.

The house is oriented to the east and sits high on a hillside overlooking Benedict Canyon and west Hollywood.

An aerial view of 10050 Cielo Drive:

image from: drinkthis.typepad.com

The home was long and low and sported natural elements like stone walls, stone fireplace, wood beamed ceiling and many multi-paned windows to take advantage of the view.

10050 Cielo Drive’s living room as it appeared in the 1940’s:

image from: flickrhivemind.net

And the living room as it appeared in 1969…

image from: crimeshots.com

Featuring three bedrooms, four bathrooms plus a loft above the living room AND a guest house, in-ground pool and garage; this home was nestled in well-manicured park-like grounds amidst the blowing pine trees.

The layout was typical of an early ranch-style home: a central public gathering space (living room) and the bedrooms off to left side while the kitchen and dining room were off the opposite side. Just beyond the kitchen was the third bedroom and fourth bathroom which served as the maid’s quarters.

image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/georgie56/ (encanto_sunland’s photostream)

The master bedroom was at the back left corner of the house and had french doors leading out to the pool patio.

By the end of the Second World War, actress Michèle Morgan had returned to France. In 1946 Lillian Gish moved in to 10050 Cielo Drive. The fated house had many notable residents including Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Samantha Eggers, Olivia Hussey and music producer Terry Melcher (who was the son of Doris Day) and Melcher’s girlfriend at the time, Candice Bergen (remember her in Murphy Brown?).

image from: charliemanson.com

Anyway, when Melcher and Bergen broke-up in early 1969, they moved out and went their separate ways and 10050 Cielo Drive was looking for new tenants.

Enter famed director Roman Polanski and his 26 year-old pregnant wife Sharon Tate.

image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guadalajaracinemafest/ (By FICG.mx’s photostream)

They were looking for a place to rent and a realtor showed Sharon 10050 Cielo Drive in February of 1969. Sharon instantly knew that this was the home where she wanted to “nest” and welcome her baby boy in August.

image from: myspace.com

Sharon and Roman rented the house from owner Rudi Altobelli at the end of February 1969.

image from: youtube.com

On the night of August 9, 1969, the once peaceful home became the scene of the terrible murders of Sharon Tate, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring and Steven Parent at the hands of a depraved handful of misfits who called themselves the “Manson Family”.

image from: theweek.co.uk

The home’s owner – Rudi Altobelli – moved into the house not long after the crime scene investigation wrapped up and lived there for the next 20 years.

During an interview on ABC’s show “20/20”, he said that while living there, he felt “safe, secure, love and beauty.” He sold the property for 1.6 million dollars.

– from: wikipedia.org

image from: panoramio.com

The last person to actually reside at the rancher at 10050 Cielo Drive was Trent Reznor of the group Nine Inch Nails. He lived and recorded music there in the early 1990’s but the bad history of the house apparently began to eat at his conscience and he subsequently moved out by December 0f 1993.

image from: wikimedia.org

The home was sold in 1994 and the new owner had the ranch house completely demolished and the entire site scrubbed clean of any original greenery. In its place, a massive new Mediterranean style mansion was built and the street address was changed to 10066 Cielo Drive.

image from: flickriver.com

Nothing remains of the rustic 1942 ranch house and its stunning park-like grounds. The whole site is pretty much concreted-over today.


image from: proaudioblog.wordpress.com


image from: cielodrive.com


As a vintage house-lover, the fate of 10050 Ceilo Drive makes me very sad.

On the one hand, I understand why the new owners would want to try to erase or clean-up the bad history that occurred there.

But on the other hand, the loss of the house feels like a disservice to the memory of Sharon Tate – after all, it was her love house, the house where she wanted to welcome and raise her baby boy.

image from: lurvely.com

But there’s no undoing of what’s been done.

I guess the upside (if there is one) is that the former house can no longer be a destination for Manson yahoos and morbid lookiloos seeking out the crime scene.

Rather, the house now rests in eternal peace with the people who died there.

image from: sharomtatememorialblogspot.com


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  • Jayne says:

    I liked the original house much better. It had so much character. The new one is just another giant McMansion. Sharon Tate was so beautiful, and how did I not know she was married to Roman Polanski?

    • housecrazy says:

      I’m with you Jayne – I love the original rancher much better than the hideously large new build.

    • Silvia says:

      I loved Sharon’s house, pity it was demolished. I don’t like the new mansion. I agree with you Jayne.

    • Kim says:

      I miss and adored the original house. I remember seeing vivid details of both the 10050 Cielo Drive and it’s ‘sister twin house’ which was located down the hill from the original house. It’s a very sad shame that the houses were demolished. It was the very, last sign of Sharon that we had left. And that stupid, looking mansion is a ridiculous eye-sore as far as I’m concerned. Just my thoughts.

  • Sue says:

    I just love and am in awe of the extensive detail about this house and its history. I will be back to explore the links further because I want to know more. I like how you explored the history of the original house and show us what is there now. You did a lot of intensive work that I appreciate. I dub this a must read!

  • Bo says:

    Just for the record. That “after” shot credited to panoramio.com is actually from cielodrive.com. I’ve seen it on panoramio before but don’t know who posted it there. It was taken in May of 2005 from across the canyon on Beverly Grove Dr. There was still a lot of construction going on there at the time.

  • Xavier says:

    What u did is awesome. It was great pleasure to read about it all, and that beautiful house made me feel nostalgic.
    Great work.

  • mark mcardell says:

    pretty good synopsis. According to Sharon Tate s sister, Sharon was being nice and complimentary about the property when she moved in, but it was a downgrade from their previous home and she privately considered it adequate for the moment and needed something to rent fast. The original owner (built it in 1941)was Michele Morgan, the actress. She paid $20,000 for house and land.I read her autobioghraphy. She didnt stay in it long. She reported being frightened living in the house. It was really remote and isolated in 1941 and she heard weird noises at nite. I dont believe in ghosts or haunting or any nonsense, but that is pretty interesting actually. She had a girfriend move in to keep her company and the friend was frightened of the house as well, altho she didnt say that to Michele until they vacated. Most of the former occupants of the house, listed above, rented, didnt own the house. Rudi Altobelli was living in the guesthouse on the property at the time of the murder but he was in Europe for an extended stay. This was his full time residence and he often rented the larger house for income and lived in the guest house. He owned the home from 1962 to 1989. The house was hugely damaged in the northridge earthquake in 1994 and thats when the last owner decided to demolish and built the enormous spec house on the property.

    • housecrazy says:

      wow, thanks for the supplementary information Mark! I had never heard some of that stuff before! It’s fascinating to think that the house (or the land) may have been haunted long before the events of 1969. Thank you once again!

      • mark mcardell says:

        yes, I neglected to say in orig post that I am a fan of the orig house as well. Altho the original photo of exterior of house when new that you published, truthfully the house looks a little like something that the beverly hillbillys might have lived in in arkansas or wherever before they struck oil( kidding). The 40 s photo of living room is beautiful however.Landscaping and age gave the home real charm. The architect of course was Robert Byrd. He designed and built ALOT of houses around LA. He concentrated in the benedict canyon area, but they are all over. He frequently used barn doors in his houses that opened half way up and the 1/2 door swung out..very very charming. He also built into his houses, into the roof, actual bird houses as part of the structure. You can google him and look at many homes he did. His son worked with him in later years, Gary Byrd and recently just died.You can easily spot a Byrd designed house, usually large living rooms, stone fireplaces, beautiful doors (especially front), alot of built in bookcases, and very often semi circular breakfast rooms.Charm charm charm that you dont find in newer homes.

        • Dana Ferris says:

          Hey, I loved how you used Arkansas in explanation of 10050 Cielo Dr. I’m a Arkansan, born and raised. You were joking and I knew that before you said kiddin’. LOL. Have you been able to research the fact that several residents were frightened? That would be interesting. If I ever come up with something of importance, I’ll let you know first. Enjoy reading your comments. You have really done your homework. Would definitely like to know why Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon moved out so abruptly.

    • Jim Clinetower says:

      It is incorrect that the home at 10050 Cielo Drive was damaged during the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I was part of the initial demolition crew and can tell you that…other than the living room having been converted to a recording studio, (wires and plugs everywhere) the home was intact and undamaged—minus the front door, which Trent Reznor had taken with him when he vacated the property. He installed the door at his new recording studio in New Orleans. The new owners simply tore down the old house and built the huge, hideous McMansion, thinking they would make a fortune for the history and location. The new house sat empty for about seven years before it finally sold, at a hugely reduced price. The new house is way too big for the space and sticks out like a sore thumb. Sharon’s home blended into the hillside and just fit perfectly. I worked on the project for three weeks and found better employment on a job site in Alaska. A few of the original pine trees were left, though. I can tell you it was a beautiful home, but there was indeed a painful sadness about the property. Hard to believe something so horrible could happen in such a beautiful place. It’s as though their souls are still there crying out for justice.

      • housecrazy says:

        that’s so fascinating Jim – thanks for sharing your recollections!

      • mark says:

        sorry, I read that in a previous article somewhere, I know that benedict Canyon area homes sufferred alot of damage in the Northridge quake, so the article sounded probable. I saw a video on u tube of the property taken sometime when Trent was a tenant on the property and to me the house looked like it had deteriorated significantly, especially the guest house. The video had alot of exterior shots and some interior of the main house. Must have been a memorably sad experience to have worked on demolition on that property.

      • JE says:

        I agree with what you said about the house matching its lot/land and it did. Obviously I’m too young to know first hand, but I’ve heard the grounds were beautiful. Thats what I don’t like about suburban Wash DC a lot of it is as if a kid dropped his blocks and wherever they landed they built a 4-5k sq ft house 6 feet apart each other. If you’re in LA I’m preaching to the choir! 🙂
        I have to disagree on one point though, I think at 17,000 square feet it’s not a McMansion its a real mansion 🙂
        Normally I like old if given my druthers but having grown up in Charleston, SC in a house that had an 1910 addition known as the “new part” and now having lived at 1 W. 72nd Street there is a part of me that can appreciate BRAND NEW too 🙂 where electricians and plumbers don’t have to be magicians and your Contractor – who is on speed dial – shows up driving a Bentley (gulp) it’s gotta be original this … original that…. and oh your bldg has 9 different committees to approve (approve in NY means bribe) one for the windows, one for the door frames one for the fireplaces one for electrical & lighting etc etc and while some changes are allowed NOTHING is thrown away – NO a committee will collect it tag it and store it somewhere on the 9th floor. There are several forms of Govt democracy, dictatorship, theocracy, monarchy, socialist, etc and the most feared of all COOP! 🙂

        But yeah when all is said and done I like old too but I can appreciate new too.
        @ Housecrazy, I like old houses too but I’m really into floor plans and have collected probably 100 books thus far on plans. I should’ve been an Architect. 🙂

  • Dede says:

    Unfortunately, new rich people think about the money and class. Money does not buy you class, nor it make you think straight. What I mean is this: the original ranch house is much better. It gave a style and detailing of those little things that we look for in a home, in comparison to the new home which looks more like a hotel in the middle of L.A. Check the before and after photos, and notice the most important feature that the new horrible home is lacking of…PRIVACY! Definitely, Sharon had a very good taste when it came to choosing a home.

  • P says:

    I really enjoyed your post on this house! I never knew they had such an awesome view! No wonder Sharon and Roman liked that house!! It really did seem like the perfect place to raise their child. Some of the pictures wouldn’t show up for me, but you did post some I had never seen before. What a spectacular house!

    • housecrazy says:

      thanks P – not sure why some of those pics were blocked out… I am having my site migrated to another server right now so that may have something to do with it!

  • Scott Nixon says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post & love the great pics you’ve included! Although it has a tragic history it is
    still one of my favorite properties in the area. So beautiful, especially when compared to the McMansion
    that took it’s place 🙁

  • Jeff says:

    It is a tragedy that the original house was demolished to erect this ugly McMansion (probably for some Arab). This is where the planning and zoning people in the area are not doing their jobs, a horrible mansion like this should never have been allowed to be built. I did not know that the original house was damaged in the Northridge quake, I wonder how extensive the damage was? was it beyond repair? or did the owners use minor damage as an excuse to build their ugly temple? The really tragic twist is that Sharon Tate and her guests were not the intended targets that night. Manson was looking for Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day) Melcher was a big time record producer at the time and had auditioned Manson and was not impressed. This slight stuck with Manson and that is why he choose the Cielo house. Melcher however had already moved out and it was not realized until well into the investigation who it was Manson thought was living there.

    • mark mccardell says:

      I know what you said about them looking for Melcher, it s the popular thinking and that was the reason they chose the house. As part of the testimony during original manson trial it was reported Manson was on the property in March prior to murders and knocked on the guest house door and spoke to Antobelli, the owner. Manson knew that melcher wasnt living there any more because Antobelli told him. He was trying to get career help from Antobelli by pretending to look for Melcher. Manson knew that Melcher was living in Doris days malibu beach house (now owned by David Geffen). He had his people pay a visit one night to Malibu and swiped a few things off the balcony to let Manson know he knew where he was. The reason they chose 10050 cielo was Manson knew the house/layout and IT WAS ISOLATED. WIth the kind of murder they commited that was absolutely necessary. The next night after the murder they scouted LA for more people to kill and were looking for isolated properties. Manson knew of the La Bianca house because he had been next door to that house often and knew the neighborhood (also isolated). These were murders done to send shock waves and start his stupid race war………..lets face it Manson was an idiot………..it wasnt some vindetta against any of those individual people……hard to grasp that for most people I guess…….. people were brutally murdered for no real reason.

      • housecrazy says:

        You’re right Mark – I read somewhere that Manson told his followers that night to kill whomever was in that house “some rich people” or something to that effect. It didn’t matter who exactly they were, as long as they were rich and famous, it would have made a splash for Manson (which it did). It’s so unfortunate for Sharon and her house guests that they just happened to be the ones there that night. I’ve heard that at least one of Sharon’s younger sisters (I think it was Deborah) was supposed to be sleeping over that night but Sharon cancelled those plans earlier in the day.

      • James A. Carrington says:

        I read the book “Helter Skelter back when it came out, and while I knew that Manson had been on the property looking for Melcher, I was left with the impression that he ordered that house’s current occupants to be murdered partially to send a message to Melcher–and other successful people like him–because he couldn’t kill Melcher in his new place without someone seeing or hearing something.

        Manson had actually spoken to Sharon Tate (he went over and knocked on the front door after Altobelli asked him not to do so and told him to leave the premises) and later, Sharon asked Altobelli, who was booked on the same flight as she was to Italy (where Sharon was to do what would be her last ever film) if he had talked to “that creepy little man” who had been around, asking about Melcher. So, Sharon had actually seen and spoken to manson, and was obviously afraid of him, too. Just an interesting tidbit of information…. .

      • JE says:

        I had heard that too, Mark. I can’t remember the name but he was the District Attorney at the time anyway he said basically the same thing that MANSON had been to the house in search of Melcher PRIOR to this and learned he was no longer there etc… so yeah he knew.

    • Jim Clinetower says:

      Manson knew full well that Terry Melcher no longer lived at 10050 Cielo Drive. The main reason the Tate house was chosen is because Tex Watson had been in the house and knew the layout of it, plus Manson assumed whoever lived there were people “like” Terry Melcher—rich white people who were very successful in life. That’s all that really mattered to him.

      • mark says:

        that is exactly correct…….Watson had been in the house earlier 3 times apparently. He also made note that the living room had beams, good for hanging someone. Such a charming individual, Wish some of those people that are impressed now that Watson is a born again and think he should be released,know all the facts, and realize what a psychopath this guy is.. I recently read a book out by the Tate family and what you said above was brought out in the book. What amazes me is how people need to feel that there is a reason for this murder, People interested in the case never seem to follow it thru and try and figure out what the vendetta was against the Labiancca s the second nite, its always why did they kill Sharon Tate? There was no reason he chose them either (labiancas) except he knew their house as he had been to the one next door and it was isolated enuf to get away with a murder. These were murders for no reason other than to create havoc and publicity for some stupid idiotic plot about blacks and a race war. People cant handle 7 vicous murders with no real motive…..it takes away everybody s feeling of safety in the world.

    • Mary Gebert says:

      Actually, Manson did know that Melcher had moved out and Sharron was living there. Manson had knocked on her door and Sharon did look him in the eye and was creeped out by him. It was Sharon’s friend and photographer who dealt with Manson that day and made him leave.

    • Doug Kennedy says:

      No, this is where the United States is great for respecting property rights and keeping government’s intrusive nose out of the private business of citizens.

  • Zane Cragg says:

    Roman Polanski was imprisoned since September when he entered Switzerland’s Zuric Airport for accepting an award. He is not only accused of raping an underage girl of 13 years but also is accused of escaping from the US police since 1978. If the charges against him are proved then he might face severe penalty like extradition. The director though has escaped all charges and has moved freely in different parts of Europe like any other independent citizens, now he will have to defend himself from the charges against him if he wants to live freely rest of his life.-

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  • Diana says:

    I absolutely love the ranch styled home and grounds, it’s a shame the new owner got rid of the plant life. The guest house is still there fortunately, it’s a pretty little place itself. I wonder if the pool was removed as well? Thanks for the photos and info. Btw I don’t know why Jeff thinks a tacky McMansion is probably for “some Arab” it’s not intelligent to make generalizations.

  • Jeff Mooney says:

    This is indeed a fascinating site. i am an architect and this house has always intrigued me.

    The floor plan shows an exterior stairway at the back of the living room.

    Does anybody know if that stair went up or down – and where it went in either direction?


    • housecrazy says:

      That is a very good question Jeff…. I’m not sure what the answer is. I don’t know if there was a basement but I did read that one original wall was preserved when the new house was built so that they could call it a “remodel” rather than a new build. So that leads me to believe that it may have been a basement/cellar/retaining wall type thing. Perhaps the floor plan is indicating those are stairs to the basement?

      • Jim Clinetower says:

        No. There was no basement at the house. Very few of those in California. There were two small lean off rooms from the master bedroom and bathroom. One was a large dressing room/closet and the other I believe contained a water heater and pool supplies, reached from the outside. Ive seen stairs on the blueprint, but I don’t remember seeing stairs of any kind. Though I do remember the back of the home seemed to be higher off the ground than the front. Could have been a few steps, I suppose. And no walls of the original house were left standing. The entire home was razed, as was the guesthouse. The original pool is no longer there. The new home has a new pool, which is long and narrow.

    • Gene C. says:

      I have FOR YEARS wondered that same thing!!! I spoke with someone who had a great knowledge of the home (I am not sure WHERE they got this “knowledge”…. lol lol), that being said, this person told me, that if you look at the photos that clearly show the loft, you will see doors on either side. According to this person, one of the doors leads to a short hallway which then leads to a doorway to the outside staircase. So, a short recap….. it supposedly leads to OUTSIDE stairs that allow up and down access to the loft. Sounded reasonable to me… PS: There is a book you can by called “The House Of Sharon Tate.” It has MANY beautiful photos of the home. I want to purchase the other book that goes along with it. It is by a guy named “George.”

  • maude says:

    I just recently read the book Helter Skelter which was written by Vincent Buglisoi who was the prosecutor in the Tate/Labianca murders. One of the interesting things mentioned was that when Manson came by the house looking for Terry Melcher who no longer lived there, Manson and Sharon Tate actually saw each other. She would later refer to Manson as “that creepy guy” while she was on a flight to London with the owner of the house Rudy Altobelli…

    • housecrazy says:

      Maude, I read somewhere that the picture of Sharon leaning and looking out the large window of the front bedroom while she was packing for her trip to London was the exact moment that she saw Manson walking across her yard when he was looking for Terry Melcher, according to the photographer who took the photo!

  • Chris H. says:

    I don’t think the new house, Bella Vista, or the old house where Tate and the others died is/was haunted. I think that whole thing has been sensationalized. The new house is some 200 feet from where the original house sat. So, technically, it’s not on the same spot as the original structure. Charlie had been to that house previously to speak to Melcher about promises he had made to him in regards to his music career. Upon that visit to Cielo Drive it has been confirmed Tate saw Manson. Reznor rented the property in 1992 and moved out in December of ’93. He was paying something like $11,000 monthly while he stayed there. He did report lots of technical difficulties with the equipment during the recording process. He never had any “paranormal” experiences there, however. He said the home had the best view of LA he’d ever seen and that there did seem to be a vibe of “sadness” up there, if anything. When he moved out he took the front door with him, which had “PIG” written on it in Tate’s blood so many years before, and installed it at his current recording studio in New Orleans, Nothing Records.

    • housecrazy says:

      Chris, I had heard that about the front door but also read somewhere that Reznor’s place in NOLA was damaged during hurricane Katrina and so the door was removed again.

      • Gene C. says:

        hum…. reznor’s place was damaged in Katrina? Being that I live an hour from New Orleans (not to mention went through Katrina myself), I will have to check on that door again (which was in it’s door frame when I last saw it, protected by an iron gate)….. I have not heard that it (nor the building) was damaged. That building is in the French Quarter, WHICH STAYED 90% floor free (it is the highest area in New Orleans, along with “Uptown.”) That being said, for the door to be damaged, something would have had to made it past the iron protective gate. My guess is that if indeed it has been removed, it is simply that he is no longer leasing/renting that building. I doubt it was damaged. I COULD be wrong of course, but the odds are slim. I’ll check on the door and get back w/ you.

    • Jim Clinetower says:

      James the new home is in fact built where the new house once stood. It’s longer and a little wider but the crescent shape of the “ledge” the house sits on made it impossible to not build such a huge house in the same location of the Tate home.

      • James says:

        You can believe what you want…..the fact is, an entire tract of land can be affected by a horrific murder such as this. I do believe the haunting claims….I have seen ghosts, my house mates have seen them, they DO EXIST! There is life after this one.

        • Jim Clinetower says:

          Sorry James. My comment was directed at “Chris H.” on his above post about the new home not being on the same location as the old house. I mistakenly replied to your comment instead of his.

          • James says:

            Oh, that’s ok, Jim…..as I was re-reading what I wrote, my comment actually sounds a little snarky itself, and I certainly did not intend for it to come off that way, because I am not that kind of person. I just sometimes feel a bit defensive when it comes to the supernatural stuff because I have actually seen ghosts myself right here in my own house……after my room mate got my attention and pointed it out to me. In any case, I do think that entire tracts of land can be “haunted”, if you will, after such a horrible tragedy like the Tate-LaBianca murders has transpired there or even in the immediate vicinity of such a location. I used to be “on the fence” about claims such as this myself, until the night I came face-to-face with it…..but I have also seen so much fraud, trickery, and just plain, old-fashioned opportunistic greed related to many infamous crime scenes to understand why so many people express so much skepticism.

            I apologize for going so far off-topic, folks; I just wanted to clarify what I meant and where I am coming from on the subject. Anyway, I personally do find it a bit creepy, if not morbid, to want to live in such a home where such terrible crimes have taken place, for example, the Tate residence landlord moving back into that place right after the murders, or Trent Reznor wanting to do so as well, for that matter, but that’s just me; I’m not passing any judgement on these people, I just know that I personally would be consumed with a lot of sadness if I tried to live in such a place. Hell, I even sometimes cry while watching a news broadcast about complete strangers being attacked and/or murdered….which is why I don’t watch the news much anymore….man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is just so upsetting to me.

  • Perri R. says:

    Wonderful writeup, and fascinating comments. I’ve always been intrigued by this house and its history. I agree with the majority here, it’s a shame it no longer exists. I can see why everyone loved it, it was so charming and sweet. I would love to read Michele Morgan’s autobiography; I didn’t know she had been spooked so many years before the tragedy. Every time one of the Manson ‘family’ comes up for parole, I write a letter to the parole board urging them to keep them ALL behind bars permanently. Sometimes ‘life in prison’ should mean just that. This is one of those times.

  • I can walk to Cielo Drive from where I live in Beverly Hills.
    The original house (Tate house) was beautiful and never should have been torn down.
    It is a shame that no one wanted to buy the place.
    Really, it was a home where many notable people lived and loved life.
    The view was and is breathtaking as well.
    When Manson’s followers ended the lives of five people there, they also doomed the house forever.
    If it were not for Manson, Sharon and the others could very well still be alive today.
    They may not have anything to do with 10050 Cielo Drive today, but somehow, I can imagine children playing on the beautiful grounds with the sounds of laughter echoing down the canyon.
    That is the way 10050 Cielo Drive was meant to be.
    Instead, because of Manson, all that happiness was snuffed out.
    As for the original blueprints of the house, they do exist and were I think, in the possession of architect Gary Byrd until he died in 2008.
    Gary was the son of the Robert Byrd who designed the house at 10050 Cielo Drive.

    George Vreeland Hill

    • housecrazy says:

      well said George – thank you for leaving a comment!

    • Gene C. says:

      Hey George!! Imagine I come across you at this website!!! HA HA HA
      SMALL WORLD!!!
      Obviously, there are LOTS of people who love that house….. I hate that it was torn down.

      PS: admittedly though, it would be a hard sell….. I couldn’t stay there at night…. I’ll admit it.

    • David St. Denny says:

      George, I read where other residents of Benedict Canyon have stated that sounds carry well all around the area. Like, you could hear your neighbor making a drink by the sound of ice cubes rattling in a glass. So, how could no one hear the crimes of bloody murder taking place there that horrible night?

  • bulsara says:

    Thank you all for very interesting facts placed here for me … I’ m started to interest in all about Sharon just few weeks ago. Once more thanks!

    • James A. Carrington says:

      If you’re as big of a Sharon Tate fan as I am, I think her best film appearance was her role in the film “Eye of the Devil”, with Deborah Kerr and David Niven…..she is just fantastic as an evil, though beautiful, young witch, constantly sneering and smirking at Ms. Kerr’s character while plotting to try to kill her at one point. Also, you can clearly see her genuine love and affection for children during the scenes where she interacts with Kerr’s children. Her best dramatic performance, as far as I’m concerned.

      Patty Duke was absolutely correct, the reason that all of their performances suffered so much in the film Valley of the Dolls was the fact that the director treated all of them, and Sharon Tate in particular, like total imbeciles, which of course they definitely were not; he would pick on Sharon until she would wind up in tears, and even though there were other actors in the scene, he would just pick on her.

      Anyway, my point is, don’t judge Sharon’s acting talent based on this particular film, because the director ruined what could have been a very good film version of Jackie Susann’s rather trashy portrayal of the sex and drugs in Hollywood. Instead, look for Eye of the Devil, or “12 + 1” (also known as the 13 chairs, which was her last ever appearance before the cameras, and you can clearly see that she was pregnant in several scenes) which is a cute romantic comedy; or “The Wrecking Crew” co-starring Dean Martin. All of these films showed Sharon Tate at her best; she wasn’t a huge star, not yet, but she would have been…..she was very clearly well on her way to super-stardom, and I just loved her; she was cute like Goldie Hawn, but she also had the capability to convincingly play an evil, conniving character. I miss her every day.

      • bulsara says:

        Thanks for the reaction …
        my English is very bad so forgive me … I was born in 1964, so I would have had to know something :-), but the reality is a different matter. So to Sharon, here in our country in Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) public knows little about the case. In fact, nothing much. I saw in my childhood her (Sharon’s) 3 movies. This year I was the first time in Verona and then here in our country was a stupid article published in iDNES.cz about Polanski and Sharon in August … After it I started about all this more interested in. 2 months have passed and now I’m out of this story personaly crushed. I feel I fell in love with Sharon (posthumously platonically of course). And every day I see differently today (world) than it was 2 months ago …
        I have got “The Fearless Vampire Killers”, “Una su 13” on dvds and “Valley Of …” is on the way. “Eye Of The Devil” I saw on list on amazon.com … I will buy it later. Her filmography is unfortunately very disappointing … Roman Polanski did not help her with … I’m going to compile at my Facebook profile “own” pictorial story about Sharon Tate. Within 4 weeks will be ready … Then you can check it …


  • Jaimie Tuffin says:

    I loved looking at all the house photos! Thank you so much for all of the info etc about Sharon and the house. I am a very devoted Sharon Tate fan and love watching her films and reading about her. It’s just such an awful tragedy and makes me feel such agony for her and the others. What a beautiful woman she was – would have been a amazing mother. May Manson and the other “family” members rot for eternity.

    Once again, thank you for your incredible website.


  • Sandi says:

    I too loved the previous home. I wish it was still there. Beautiful picture of the pregnant Sharon Tate. Either this new house or one right by it was on a TV show about hauntings. They talked about how the original Sharon Tate house was gone and the address changed but the new house was haunted. I don’t know if it was this McMansion or another house nearby.

  • Gene C. says:

    to housecrazy: What a WONDERFUL job you have done on the Sharon Tate house page!! You might find the “Twin House” (it has since also been torn down) an interesting home as well. It was a ‘sister house’ to the “Love House.” While not quite “identical” you can FOR SURE tell that they were of very very similar floor plans…. both were built at the same time by Robert Byrd, with the Twin House sitting on the ledge just beneath the Love House. Both had long private driveways, and their own guest house. The address of the torn down twin house was 10048 Cielo Dr. Many homes were built between 10048 and 10050 in the years after they were built, but as you can tell by the house numbers, they were, for a lack of better words, “next door” to one another so to speak…. or rather their driveways were…… many people don’t know that the long private street leading to the former 10050 site was originally just a DRIVEWAY, that led to that ONE house, just like the long long driveway to 10048 (with a very similar set up) leads to that one address.

  • bulsara says:

    If I count exactly, Sharon spent on Cielo Drive only about 59 days … It was the least of all her residences in the last 3 years (1038 Palisades Beach Road, Chateau Marmont, 1600 Summitridge Drive & 10050 Cielo Drive) … Fortunately, all the other stands still …

    • Bren says:

      Also still standing is the YMCA where she first lived when starting her career. And her apartment on Clark, up from The Whiskey Go Go; I drove by there a few months ago, and by the Santa Monica beach house a few weeks ago. Sadly, people are more interested in how she died than how she lived. Summitridge has been beautifully redone and was recently up for sale.

  • Joseph says:

    I don’t see how anyone could have been able to live in that house again after what happened there. How could you possibly sleep at night without having nightmares? It should have been torn down right after it happened. And the crime scene pictures and autopsy pictures of Sharon Tate posted on line are completely disrespectful to her and her family.

    • James says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Joseph; as an “empath” myself, the house’s tragic history would have been a major source of depression for me, just like living in the Amityville, NY, “Horror” house would be for me, where the DeFeos were so tragically murdered….by one of their own. I used to sell real estate years ago, and I was often very uncomfortable in certain houses, and only later would I learn of some tragic history or a reputation for being haunted, etc., but I would pick up on things, things that I couldn’t have possibly known beforehand. I suspect that many people have this type of sensory perception, but they choose not to ever talk about it…..but it’s real, let me tell you; one time, I touched a wall in one of these houses that creeped me out, and I got some mental images that I still can’t quite get out of my mind. But I’m with you, I could never live there, or even in a new house on the original site…..it would just be incredibly sad each and every day, and sort of morbid, too, when you think about it….I mean, why would you even want to live there?!

  • kase says:

    Sweet. I bet hanging out there all day was a pure joy. Awesome.

  • Mike says:

    Very sad all the way around.Mrs Tate/Polanski and her friends being ambushed and killed that summer night in 1969 and the home she loved being demolished.I guess in a way it was fitting for the house to be demolished because of the symbol of hate,anger and rage that it became after the murders.To this day it sickens me to my stomach over the cold,callous and beyond brutal way these people died and it chills me to the bone the terror they must have felt when these doped up zombies entered her house and rounded them up into the living room and terrorized them with verbal threats and then made good on them.So in a way I’m glad the house is gone but it was a beautiful home(design wise) to bad its legacy was blood stained.

    Sharon”s house was warm,inviting and visually appealing but this new new house isn’t it lacks curb appeal or in other words it just doesn’t stand out.

  • Kim says:

    Still, I wish they would have just left the house alone. Yes, I understand the history of it, but it was the very last thing that we had of Sharon’s; her “love house”. So, we lost her legacy when it was demolished. I was actually there at 10500 Cielo Drive; 20 years later (on August 8, 1989). A few of us were there; holding a vigil and shared our prayers to the victims who perished. It wasn’t scarry. It was rather peaceful. I am glad that I was there. What a beautiful house and I will forever cherish that evening.

  • Tracey Winter says:

    I had always thought that in the early ’30’s, the Bavarian-style mansion was owned by MGM producer Paul Bern and his wife actress Jean Harlow . After only 2 months of marriage, Bern committed suicide in the house, and ever-since, it’s been rumored that his ghost haunts it. A fellow hairstylist remembered Sebring giving him a house tour, which included the spot where Bern’s body was found?

  • joseph says:

    Fascination with this home is one of the sickest things I’ve encountered on the internet. The city of Milwaukee tore down the apartment building where Jeffery Dahmer killed all of those people. It was the decent thing to do.
    This house, after these heinous acts, became a TOMB. It should have been razed the day they put the last of the Mansons in prison. Serial killer buffs are disgusting, and the fact that they exist provides yet another motivation for these animals to do what they do.
    Really, how many of you people would have had any PARTICULAR interest in the fate of this home ( cool old houses are razed for ugly McMansions every day in areas like this) if several innocent people were not horrifically murdered by the notorious Manson clan?
    I think you are all creeps.

    • housecrazy says:

      maybe it is creepy, but it is human nature to mourn those who are lost. Some of us believe that a certain part of a person is left behind where they died and those places should be afforded special deference. Ever see a handmade cross on the side of the road? Sacred ground.

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you, housecrazy. I appreciate and truly respect your understanding words + advice to us believers. I did’nt feel like a ‘creep’ when I visited the ‘love house’ to participate in a prayer vigil. I prayed for all of the unsuspected victims and the deepest tragedies ever in history. I don’t speak much about my experience; that is mine to keep, alone.

  • Cool house .wonderful architecture and sharon what can I say a real beauty and a great soul.To bad Manson and his weirdos had to ruin the 60s and made it a creepy time for alot of us.

  • JE says:

    Theres actually a realtor in San Diego who specializes who tragic locations i.e. hard to move homes; such as, the Heavens Gate cult suicide mansion, The Amityville Horror house, 50 Berkely Square London, the Jon-Benet house in Boulder etc… to name a few.
    I used to wonder how/why anyone would buy the Amityville house it used to have an almost non stop parade of people going past it.

  • Anna Ibanez says:

    Yes, the home on 10500 Cielo Drive, now 10600 Cielo Drive is still haunted ground. In fact, it was haunted way before the murders took place. The mountain in which all these homes are located is haunted grounds by Native Indians who were slaughtered and buried on this mountain. This explains the chilling feelings many people felt upon entering anyone of these homes. Check out the history of the mountain and the Native Indians. The whole mountain should have been left alone in respect to the slaughter of the Indians.

    • Donny O. says:

      Maybe they should tear down the whole mountain then and put up a new one. Maybe we should bulldoze the whole planet since so many people have died on it throughout history! Ghosts and haunted houses are in your head which is why there is no evidence of either in the real world. That Sharon Tate was as fine as the world’s finest paramount pyramid is, however, an undeniable fact! Wowee!

      • Jim says:

        Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but…..I have seen previously non-believing people suddenly begin to believe once they’ve come face-to-face with a spirit. I was on the fence until I moved into my current house…..a housemate began seeing things, ghostly images, etc., but I wasn’t so sure….until the night he pointed one out to me as we watched TV! She was just watching us, then slowly turned around and walked into the wall! I don’t know what her story was/is, but I know what I saw that night–and several times since. There’s definitely something to reports such as these. All I ask is that people keep an open mind.

  • Felisa A says:

    What an interesting article! I’m an avid true crime reader and the Manson case has always fascinated me. But I also have a deep love for houses…the older the better. I’m glad I found your blog. Going to read more of your posts now.

  • Michele says:

    Wow! Interesting discussions on here! BTW Sarah, I love the new site!

  • Leeza says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this page and photos. I am a BIG lover of the 60’s. I am however 35 years old and was born in 1980 yet I have an old soul. I love Sharon, God rest her soul, as well as the others, but also the house, the carefree attitudes back then as well as the music. I really love the old style ranch house that was there and I had no idea that it was taken down until I went up to see it for myself. Not a Manson follower, or crime scene groupie but just a lover of the 60’s and this house. I was pretty bummed when I saw the big mansion but agree with you as to why it was taken down. The cool thing was my husband didn’t want to drive down the street (Cielo) so I walked down the street and as I did there was a young, blond driving in a convertible and she smiled and waved to me. Of course I instantly thought of Sharon. 🙂 Anyhow, cool blog! Peace.

  • SB Smith says:

    It’s so awesome to have so many commenting who know more details about the people involved and the house itself !…..Architecturally, the house was beautiful, looking all nestled into the hillside where it was built…There is nothing creepy or sick about appreciating certain architectural periods in home building. I loved that the kitchen counter tops were tile and the kitchen sink was recessed with quarter-round tiles around the edge…The thing that stuck with me thru all the comments was the one early on about 2 people who felt some sort of negative presence there Before the time Sharon Tate and her group were there….That had me thinking ancient burial grounds or the like. The only good thing I can say about the house being destroyed is that it prevents any sick Manson followers from having a place to go for whatever morbid reason they’d have..

  • Jeena says:

    I visited the area in 1982 and 2005. What a difference 23 years made, I did not recognize the neighborhood when driving up the hill, with home on top of home, every inch of land taken, quite a difference from 1982 when lots of raw land still existed, I was taken aback by the change. I immediately recognized the monostrosity driving up Canon Dr. having viewed a few pictures of the new house on line. I never drove on Cielo, not knowing if the roads were private or not. I did stop around the Cielo turn off to adjust my GPS, but it disturbed me to be so close to the murder scene, I immediately left the area to return to my hotel in Hollywood. I’ve always thought that Terry Melcher moved out of the Cielo house because he was afraid of Manson, and recently I read a post by a person claiming to be related to Terry confirming my suspicions all these years were correct. I also went to Waverly, the LaBianca murder site in Silver Lake, the house didn’t seem so isolated to me as reported in the press. Anyway, the murder scene pictures were horrifying beyond words, but I recall Doris Tate saying; let everybody see what they did to her, and I suppose the photos serve to keep the culprits in jail.

  • Jeena says:

    You’re welcome Sarah, I enjoyed the photos and interesting posts very much, I’ve read quite a lot about the Manson murders over the years and I just wanted to point out that Roman didn’t like the house, he thought it lacked privacy. I stayed in a house for a few months in the San Diego hills with the owner who would not lock the wood front door at night in order to let the breezy air in from the screen door, but I kept thinking about the Manson murders and I couldn’t sleep until I got up and locked the front door in the middle of the night. The owner didn’t complain about it, but if she did, I was going to cut my trip short and fly back to NY, but it all turned out well and I had a great time in Ca.

  • Tremembé says:

    10050 Cielo Dr. looks great and pretty much everyone is agreed that it blows it’s new replacement away, but imo, I think replacing it was probably the right thing to do, in light of the following story:

    I inadvertently visited it in its original incarnation back in Nov 1989 – on a Trans-Atlantic trip with friends from the UK – being a bunch of immature 22 year-olds that we were, one of us suggested we drive around in the rental-car we had and do some ‘alternative-sight-seeing’.

    He had read ‘Helter Skelter’ and had a vague idea of the address. We just drove up and got as far as the front-gate. I hoisted myself up on the left-hand side of the fencing to see if I could see anything – I just got the corner of the lawn, the wooden well(?) and pathway – the main house was obscured by the garage.
    Anyway, as we got to leave, the Ford Taurus we rented just wouldn’t start – car had totally died (not ‘bad karma’ – it turned out to be spark-plug failure!) so while two of my buddies were under the hood sorting it out, me and another played ‘Keepy-Uppy’ with a soccer ball on the road!
    (I’m sure a) the neighbors were thrilled at this and b) makes you wonder, if that original home was still there today, how damn annoying it would be for everyone living on Cielo Dr.)

    Rather strange but at the time, it was just a laugh because I had no real interest in its infamy for the murders as I’d not paid much attention to Manson at all or even read any books on the murders – so although I was aware of the story, I was kind of indifferent to this house’s significance.

    Now, 26 years on, as with the advent of the Internet and literally thousands of stories/theories/articles/photos of the whole Tate-Polanski/Cielo/Manson situation… that brief 30 mins stuck outside 10050 Cielo Dr. in late ’89 now just seems utterly surreal.

  • Martin says:

    HI Sarah,
    I came across your excellent website and wanted to provide some information on my visit to this residence in 1991. I was a new police officer and responded to that location on a radio call. I dont remember exactly what type of call it was due to it being 25 years ago, however my partner that particular day had responded to the original crime scene back in 1969. He showed me where the victims were located, the writing that was present on the walls and what occurred during the time he was there.

    I also remember the house being somewhat empty as if someone had just moved out and it was being prepared for another tenant and that the front door was one of those half doors that one would see in ranch style home. I must say the view from that property was one of the best I can remember and thought the pool was ingenious in that it was incorporated basically within the front yard/ portion of the residence. It was beautiful piece of property, other than the senseless tragedy that occurred there that night and recall my partner telling me not much had changed from when he was there in 69′ In any case, it was interesting to see your reference to this house.


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