1830 “primitive” log home in Pennsylvania

The listing blurb calls this a “primitive style preserved home“, but it’s really not that primitive at all. In fact, it has nearly 2300 square feet of living space! That’s a few hundred feet bigger than my ramshackle old house!

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

This adorable home is currently listed on the market in Grantham, Pennsylvania for $259,900.

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

The two-story log home, which has been added onto over the years, features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and even a newer one-car garage.

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

Have a look inside…

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

I love that the owners kept the country vintage charm of the place intact…

Apparently this home is located in a small historic village called Grantham Village. I bet this would be a fun house to stop at while trick-or-treating!

This is part of the newer addition at the rear of the house:

You can see (below) how they left some of the wood and chinking walls of the original structure exposed…

The bedrooms in the old part of the home are small (of course – they didn’t have his & hers shoe closets back then), but delightfully decorated in period style…

The thing I really love about this house is that they cleaned it up with new drywall, but preserved the original hand-hewn beam-work:

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

Look at the marks on those beams!

Another unique historic feature about this house is the built-in antique home safe…

image from: http://teampete.idxco.com

No word on how old this safe is, or if it is original to the house, but what a neat feature!

We once toured an 1890’s house that had one of these old safes cemented right into the basement walls!

If you are interested in learning more about this quaint historic Pennsylvania home, please see here.




  • Nick Kirby says:

    Wonderful,Interesting Place

  • Hello Sweet Sarah! 🙂

    It’s always so great to hear from you!

    Thank you for stopping by. Just one note about your comment. With everything we know about religion, many people stops believing in it. I always have said that we won’t find a “perfect” religion in this world because ever religion is organized by us, people and as you know, none of us is perfect, therefore, we can’t ask for the “perfect” religion. I never discuss this topic because it’s way too personal. And to be 100% honest, I’m one of those people that basically grew up going to churches (in Brazil and it’s very different than here, actually), but I have lost my connection with churches and any organized religion and I think my connection to God is beyond that. I’m a big believer that God can be found in many other places and some people find their peace going to churches, others can find going for walks, other find connection with God by simply “talking” and opening up to Him whenever they are. I respect every decision, after all, every individual is unique and we find our ways in this world in different circumstances.

    The most important thing in life, in my opinion, is finding your inner peace _ and this goes for everyone, believing or not in God_ because we can grow from that and become who we are meant to be. The answers are always in your heart, in your “roots”.

    Big hugs to you, Sarah and have a great day!!!


  • Sue says:

    I like the old beams and the safe is a great feature. Our neighbors were broken into a few years back and the first thing they did was get electronic protection installed, but the thing that the thief went after was their small portable, not cemented into the wall, safe.

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