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Stone cottage in Asheville, North Carolina

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Nestled in the dense woods outside of Asheville, North Carolina, is this 1941 stone cottage.

It is currently listed for sale at $575,000.

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This Arts & Crafts style home was commissioned by Madeline Hollwerith and designed by Henry Gaines.

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It has been updated but still retains a great deal of charm.

Let’s have a look inside…

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The Robison Mansion in Canon City Colorado

image from: (author: Jeffrey Beall)

Today I am featuring this gorgeous Second Empire style mansion which is actually just down the road from where I live in Canon City, Colorado.

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This exquisite 1884 home is located down by the Arkansas River just off of Highway 50. It has been for sale at least twice since I have lived in Canon City and it finally sold, not to a private owner, but to a company which runs special events. That may sound like a less than desirable fate for a historic home but it has actually been a very positive thing both for the mansion and for the community.

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The mansion is now impeccably well-kept and for the first time ever, members of the general public can rent out all or part of the mansion for special occasions such as weddings.

I had the hedonistic pleasure of touring the Robison Mansion last year around Christmastime when the company which now owns the property opened its doors to the public for a fundraising event in conjunction with a local non-profit.

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House with a split personality

image from: (by: Rob Boudon)

This house is located in the Old Astoria neighborhood of Queens in New York City.

At first glance I thought it was photo-shopped.

But no, it is the real deal.

This is what happens when duplex dwellers have a sense of defiant individuality.


Two questions for you:

1) If you lived in a duplex (or row house), would you want your side to be visually different from the other side?

2) If you had to choose one side of the duplex [pictured above] in Old Astoria, which side would you pick?

Artistic Hacienda in New Mexico

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This unique hacienda is located in Silver City, New Mexico. It is a treat of southwestern warmth and New Mexican charm. And it is currently for sale!

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Named Emory Oak Farm, this property also includes an artist’s studio, wood-working shop, and a large equine facility on 15 acres of high desert land with mountain views. List price is $498,000.

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The eco-friendly adobe main house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom in 2,600 square feet. It sports hand-plastered walls, stained concrete floors and custom rough-sawn cabinets with river rock knobs.

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Affordable Octagon house in Wisconsin

Here’s a fun house that is up for grabs…

A few months ago I profiled a large, elegant octagonal mansion – the Armour-Stiner House – you can read more about that one here. But this much smaller-scale octagon house in Whitewater, Wisconsin is for sale for a very attainable $139,900.

This modest blue house is not a historic preservation show-piece like the Armour-Stiner House, but it is cute as a button nonetheless.

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This uniquely shaped home has been gutted inside and now features new floors, new drywall, new counters, new sinks, even all new windows.

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Subsequently, not much of the original character remains inside but it is still very charming.

Have a look at what they did with the kitchen…

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It’s kind of an awkward shape but they have made good use of the space.

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