A jaw-dropping new-old Victorian in Nebraska


image from: www.woodsbros.com

This beautiful home on the rolling plains of Nebraska was designed in 1885. It was not built, however, until 2002.

image from: www.woodsbros.com

Her official name is “Castle Victorian” and she is located near Garland, Nebraska. This impeccable home is currently for sale for $849,900.

image from: http://www.woodsbros.com

Castle Victorian is based on plans of a Victorian home drafted in 1885. It was undertaken by an ambitious couple who wanted to prove you could build a high-quality new house that matches the workmanship of days gone by.

image from: http://www.woodsbros.com

In 1999, my wife and I accepted the challenge to reconstruct this house in a manner that embraced the intricate details of this grand, High-Victorian home.  Building an authentic “New-Old house” that embraces the character and quality of a historic home is possible, but it takes a lot of dedication, effort, time and financial investment.

– from: http://www.castlevictorian.com/

It goes without saying that you don’t get craftmanship like this in modern homes.

And why not? – I ask. The enterprising folks who built this home have raised the bar. Big time.

image from: http://www.woodsbros.com

Castle Victorian has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms in over 3,000 square feet.

image from: http://www.woodsbros.com

It’s really quite stunning.

Now I’m not sure there is a dishwasher in the kitchen (below) – that certainly would not have been in the original plans. But I am living proof that you can exist in the modern age without having a dishwasher in your home! (I’m only existing, mind you, certainly not thriving)

If there is a dishwasher in there, it is very well hidden.

I doubt the Victorians insisted on “his & hers” bathroom sinks, but hey, they’re all dead now, so…

The Victorians will never know the joy of having one’s very own sink.

The property also includes a detached “carriage house” garage.

For many more photos and details on Castle Victorian, see the home’s website here and the MLS listing here.


I’m intertested to know what people think — what’s your take on the new-old Victorian home concept?