About this site

This website is all about houses.

If you find yourself frequently dreaming about houses, constantly thinking about houses, and stalking houses on the Internet, then this is the place for you.

My blog is essentially a variety show of houses. You’ll see a bit of everything here at House Crazy – I try to mix-it-up by combining the aesthetically pleasing with the downright funky.

How is this website different than other house websites?

If you are a “housie”, you’ve probably been around the web scouring anything you can find that has to do with houses.

Me too. And there are some really great sites out there [see my blog roll on the right side bar for some of my favs]. But I got a little fatigued of all the glossy, staged, high-resolution photos and pretty pastel-y web designs. I got to feeling, well, kind of inadequate just from looking at pictures of perfect homes with seemingly perfect owners (and perfectly behaved children).

Sure, I like the escapism of gazing at flawlessly beautiful, fantasy high-dollar homes, but I also like to keep it real. I like rustic hovels dug into the side of a hill. I like real houses in my price range (which is under $200,000). I like houses that are weird and wacky and even ugly. I like character. I like little houses. Tiny houses. I like houses that the owners actually built themselves – with their own well-worn hands. I like houses that are REALLY old and that have a history – even a gory history. I like houses that are loved by their owners, and I like houses that have seen better days.

I felt there was a gaping hole in the house blogosphere that begged for some real stuff… nothing posed, nothing staged. Just a real person – on a tight budget – who is on an epic house-hunting journey. A real, imperfect (some might even call house crazy) person.

You can poke me and I might cry. I get depressed, I get cranky, I get manic (in a good, productive way). Other people have hobbies like working-out or scrap-booking. My hobby is obsessing over houses. (Sort-of in a crazy, unhealthy way.)

That’s why I called this site House Crazy.

We let the crazy flag fly here at House Crazy, and don’t really care about the latest fads or design trends. We drool occasionally when viewing a cool house on the ‘net. We get the stink-eye frequently when out looking at houses in the neighborhood that are not even for sale. But hey, we keep it real!

I might run some advertisements on my website, but that’s not because I want to incorporate and become some profit-driven machine. No, it’s just because I have kids and a mortgage, and who doesn’t need a little extra change for a car wash.

I’m not a Realtor and I’m not a designer. Instead, I waste hours of my time combing the web for unique far-off houses; pounding the pavement and putting miles and miles on my SUV; and taking thousands of pictures of random houses. (It’s what I do for fun.)

I’m told the technical term for this affliction is: “real-estalker”. And I know there are other people out there like me. So come join me!

Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts with your thoughts, rants, corrections, knowledge, links, whatever. I will try to read them if they get through my spam filter :)

I hope you love this site as much as I love putting it all together for you.

Keep it real,

House Crazy Sarah sig

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