About me

Join me in my house-peeping adventures!

House Crazy Sarah

 Hi. My name is Sarah and, yes, I am addicted to houses.

I’m talking CRAZY addicted, like prowling around at night (under the guise of walking my dog) just so I can get a peek into the lighted windows of houses. I have been accused of house stalking before (I’ve had co-workers tell me they noticed my car slowly rolling through their neighborhood, wondering if I was casing out the ‘hood.) I have even tip-toed inside vacant houses that were for sale – but only when the doors were left unlocked! (I’ve never broken down a door to get in a house, though a couple of times it was very tempting.)

 No, I’m not a robber, or a peeping tom. I just REALLY love houses! Okay, I do tend to be a little obsessive-compulsive, neurotic, even frazzled. I am a recovering social worker, after all. To satisfy my compulsive house love, I engage in chronic house-peeping. I house peep all around my town and the state of Colorado where I have lived for the past decade. I also house-peep on-line, via magazines, and through endless real estate listings.

Sarah exploring

Speaking of real estate, I am so crazy about houses that I have bought (loved) and sold five of them over the past 10 years!

I am also the published author of two fiction novels, and though they are not specifically about houses, they do prominently feature houses.

I have been known to go on cross-country house-hunting trips, and even north-of-the-border house-hunting trips (as I am originally from Canada). Feel free to join me on my descent into pure and utter house madness as I frantically document my every fix on my blog: House Crazy!

~ House Crazy Sarah