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Join House Crazy Sarah in her house-peeping adventures!

House Crazy Sarah is pleased to make your acquaintance and, yes, she is addicted to houses.

House Crazy Sarah has been accused of house stalking on numerous occasions – once by a skeptical officer of the law – only to have people chuckle at her when she explains that she  just REALLY loves houses!

She has only broken into a house (or two) when a residence was left abandoned, and only then to take pictures and leave with only memories.

You see, House Crazy Sarah poses no risk to the public – she is a single mother and former social worker. She simply must satisfy her compulsive house-love by engaging in chronic house-peeping.

She house-peeps online, in magazines, and through endless real estate listings via her day job as a real estate assistant.

She house peeps around her town in Colorado, and in fact even travels across the country to peep at glorious and unusual houses afar.

House Crazy Sarah is originally from Canada so she does, on occasion, visit the great white north to peep and photograph homes there as well.

House Crazy Sarah also indulges in her passion by buying houses of her own. In fact, she has bought (loved) and sold five of them over the past 10 years!

She is also the published author of two fiction novels, and though they are not specifically about houses, they do prominently feature houses.

Feel free to join House Crazy Sarah on her descent into pure and utter house madness as she frantically documents her every fix on the blog: House Crazy!


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