Austrian Family Sells Everything They Own And Start Traveling The World


Wouldn’t you like to travel the planet without a care in the world? This is what everyone dreams about, but most of can’t afford to do this. It isn’t all about money because responsibilities can drag you down too. However, a family from Austria didn’t let anything get in their way of achieving their dream of traveling the world. We have to warn you that some of the pictures that you are going to see are so beautiful that they will make your jaw drop!

20. Leaving Everything Behind

A family of three from Austria decided that they are going to leave everything behind in order to pursue their dream of traveling the world together. They wanted to avoid a mundane lifestyle and this is exactly what they did.

19. Young Son

The couple has a young son and they wanted to show him the world. Not just that, but to also give him the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about life and experience things that they only dreamed about when they were kids.

18. Camping

The couple always loved to go camping and one day, they decided that they are going to sell everything that they own and buy a big bus that they can turn into a home.

17. Crazy Idea

While most people would get scared only thinking about selling everything, the couple didn’t hesitate for one second. They wanted to experience something new and for their lives to be extraordinary.

16. It Paid Off!

Even though traveling the world might sound like a challenging task, it all pays off! Just look at this picture, whenever are you going to wake up to this sight in the morning?

15. Fun Times

The great thing about this family from Austria is the fact that they get to spend lots of family time together. Having fun is something that they do every day and their kid loves it.

14. Incredible Pictures

Another great perk about traveling the world is the incredible pictures that the couple gets to take. Isn’t this picture just downright amazing?

13. Hot Air Balloons

Can you imagine how awesome it must be to wake up in the morning and instead of drinking your coffee and looking at your laptop you see this? This family is living the dream!

12. Taking Risks

We have to admit that their life looks fantastic. However, they took a big risk by quitting their jobs to travel the world and there’s no doubt about this. They also have to face all types of trouble while on the road.

11. Car Breaks Down

If their big car ever breaks down, then the family are in big trouble. Luckily, the husband has taught himself all the mechanical skills he needs to know in order to repair the car if something goes wrong.

10. Desert Sky

Would you ever do something like this? Quit your job and start traveling the world? The next picture is so incredible that it will make your jaw drop!

9. Jaw Dropping Picture

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that the young kid is having the time of his life traveling the world. Who wouldn’t want to ride around the desert on a fast motorcycle?

8. Amazing Locations

What’s great about this Austrian family is that they get to see places that most people only see in pictures. This is one of the perks of living on the road.

7. Life Skills

The young kid is going to learn lots of valuable lessons during these trips. These lessons are going to help him in life and make him a stronger person.

6. Mechanical Skills

Life on the road might sound amazing, but the husband does admit that it can get tiring. The car broke down a couple of times and he had to teach himself how to repair it while reading internet guides.

5. Campfire Stories

Even though having to sleep outdoors might lose some of its magic after the first months of doing it, the Austrian couple gets filled with energy when they see how happy their son is.

4. Digital Age

We live in a digital age when every kid has a smartphone and while this might not necessarily be a bad thing, the Austrian couple is happier knowing that their kid will experience the world through his eyes and not via a computer screen.

3. Fantastic Adventure

As crazy as it might be to leave it all behind and travel the world, no one can deny the fact that this is a fantastic adventure.

2. The Right Decision

Do you think the Austrian couple made the right decision when they bought the car and set off to travel the world? If yes, would you ever consider doing this?

1. The Desert

No matter what others might think of their decision to travel the world, the Austrian family is having the time of their lives and this is all that matters to them.