Don’t you just love it when you see baby animals doing adorable stuff? The Internet is full of these cute animals and their goofy walks, barks or howls. But things get even more adorable when it comes to less common animals. We don’t get to see a baby wolf howling for the first time every day, right? But what about a baby kangaroo’s first hops? That would make people fall in love right away! Just check out this story and see for yourself!

20. Bradley

Bradley is the new star of the internet. Unfortunately, the circumstances that led to his fame are extremely sad. He is a 6-months-old orphan kangaroo who was very lucky to be found and moved to Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary.

19. His Mom

Why is he an orphan? Sadly, his momma kangaroo died when she was hit by a car. The little baby miraculously survived the impact, being protected by his mom’s pouch. The ones who found him needed to find a substitute for the pouch and they needed to do it fast.

18. New Pouch

Don’t worry! Bradley’s wellbeing is not in danger, because he is in very good hands. His caretakers managed to find a replacement for the pouch and he adapted to the change extremely fast! The new pouch is a warm pillow cover where he spends most of his time.

17. New Life

Now that Bradley, the baby kangaroo, is safe he can start his new exciting life. The people at Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary are so happy to have him around. The best thing is that he will be able to make friends soon!

16. The Sanctuary

Fortunately for Bradley and the other kangaroos, the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary is big enough to meet their needs. Most importantly, they can live a life very similar to their natural habitat. So, that means Bradley’s future looks pretty good!

15. Little Steps

Unlike human babies who first must learn to crawl before they can stand up and walk when it comes to baby kangaroos, they have to jump straight into action. Without the help of his momma kangaroo, Bradley had to learn to do everything by himself…

14. Outside The Pouch

But baby Bradley had to learn all about the outside world with or without the help of his mother. So, workers at the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary decided it was time to let little Bradley take his first steps…or hops.

13. A Shy Beginning

Since he was orphaned, he spent all his time in the pillow covers or other replacements at the shelter. Naturally, his caretakers needed to do some convincing work in order to get him out of his safe place. So, what did they do to make Bradley get out of there?

12. Getting Out

The people at the shelter had a great idea. They improvised a pillow bag that looked very similar to a pouch and used it as decoy! Of course, little Bradley had to check it out and see what was going on. Maybe a new, more comfortable pouch was available?

11. Hopping!

The people at the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary filmed the whole thing and posted it online, so the others could see the adorable little thing! The outcome? The Internet fell in love at the first sight of the baby kangaroo trying to hop for the first time!

10. Back To Sleep

Making Bradley hop is very important to his development and adjustment, but the little one made it very clear that he wanted to return to the safety and comfort of his pillow cover. The 6-months-old kangaroo is still very young to stay outside for long periods.

9. High Hopes

The main goal regarding Bradley right now is to make him strong enough to return to the wild. Fortunately, Bradley is in good hands, because the caretakers at the Alice Springs are very experienced. They successfully released other orphaned kangaroos into the wild once they were ready.

8. Other Alternatives

However, if little Bradley cannot adapt to the new conditions or the natural habitat, there are other options. He will keep living his life at the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary. This sounds very good since the Sanctuary is located in Central Australia and covers 188-acres of wildlife.

7. Some Friends

What is the best part of this story? Bradley is not alone at all. He gets to have a few friends who experienced the same unfortunate circumstances. It’s good to know that in the little time he spends outside his pouch, young Bradley is very sociable and curious!

6. Cute Personality

His caretakers have very high hopes for him, despite everything that has happened to him before arriving at the Sanctuary. Despite his sad begging, Bradley “is doing really well and is very alter and such a cute little character”, Tahnee Passmore-Barns of The Kangaroo Sanctuary said.

5. Future Prospects

At the moment, Bradley and his caretakers are focused on getting the young kangaroo out of his pouch and share the progress with the world! Of course, people are more than thrilled to watch the little dude go.

4. Adorable Thing

In one of the videos posted, the 6-months-old kangaroo hopped directly towards one of his caretakers in hopes of support, both physical and emotional! He shows that he is almost dependent on his fellows until he grows up.

3. Visitors

The Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary allows visitors and admirers to come and see the baby kangaroo and also visit the Sanctuary for a sunset tour. They also accept donations if people are willing to do so!

2. Impressive People

Not only can they visit and take tours, but they can also choose to help out their own local wildlife shelter or animal shelter. The motto they go by is “Animals come first”. That’s something to admire these days.

1. Happy Bradley

All in all, Bradley helped raise awareness with his cuteness and goofy hops. Even though his story is not a happy one, he shows great potential and surely will live a long, happy life with his fellows!