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Welcome to…

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Quaint little Tamworth is located near Cartersville, Virginia.

The authentic 1700’s village consists of a Miller’s House, Grist Mill, Post Office/General Store, 24.6 acres, and numerous outbuildings.

The Grist Mill:

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And yes, it is ALL for sale. The whole hamlet could be yours for only $489,950! And that is a pretty good deal considering what you get.

Have a look inside the grist mill…

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It dates back to 1753 and is also known as Muddy Creek Mill or as Moon’s Mill.

The old mill is well preserved with many period artifacts. Look at these vintage weigh scales…

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That stuff has got to be worth some money on the antique market!

Previous owners protected the Mill for future generations w/ a VA Landmark Cons Easement & placed it on the VA Landmark Registry & Nat’l Reg of Historic Places along w/ the “Miller’ House” & store. The home has been beautiful restored w/ some modern updates. Imagine having a cup of coffee, you’re on the porch, listening to the cascading waterfall, gazing out across rolling pastures…

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The Miller’s House:

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Inside the Miller’s House:

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Nearby is the old general store and post office which ran from the 1790’s until it was closed by the US Postal Service in 1982.

1790’s Post Office & General Store:

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You can’t really tell from the pictures, but this building apparently has an ornately patterned slate tile roof.

image from: (by: T. da Silva)

image from: (by: T. da Silva)

The general store/post office still has many antique features inside – like the rolling ladder:

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And don’t forget – these historic buildings come with almost 25 acres of rolling meadows and woodlands plus the Muddy Creek Dam near the old mill…

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If you bought this place, you’d basically be buying a living history museum. Come to think of it, this might make a nice little tourist venture.

Tamworth Village even has its own Wikipedia site!

Not to mention its own highway sign:

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image from: (by: T. da Silva)

Buying this place would put you on the map!

For more details on this unique historic property see: Buy Your Own Private Hamlet , and, the listing.




  • Sue says:

    It was running through my mind that if someone bought this they could have their own historic compound. I like the post office most of all and would keep it like it is, but fix it up. I think I would turn the whole thing into a historic festival town.

  • Trisha D. says:

    I don’t think this would make you rich, but it sure would be fun to own your very own historic village. Maybe rent it out as a movie set?

  • Stacey says:

    What a great buy! seems like you get a lot for the money – and how can you put a price on that kind of history.

  • Bridgette says:

    Neat! I’ll take it!!!!

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