Cajun Country Cottages

One of my favorite places to visit is the southern state of Louisiana. I’m so enchanted with how lush and warm it is down there and how close it is to the ocean. 

Me and my son Noe testing the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana, November 2009

I’m also fascinated by how different it is (culturally) from what I am used to.

They take their southern hospitality to heart in Louisiana – I’ve never been called “ma’am” and “sugar” in that sweet southern drawl so many times in my life! (Also never seen “grits” until we traveled through Louisiana – still not sure what those things are made of!)

Don’t even get me going on those old southern mansions!

Anyway, this cluster of historic cottages in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana caught my eye… and instantly captured my heart. Cajun Country Cottages Bed and Breakfast is located “in the heart of Cajun Country”.

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The B&B consists of 5 cute little cottages on the grounds of an old Louisiana plantation. Each cottage has its own southern theme and name.

Have a look:

This is the “Evangeline

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Liking the lakeside views!

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Inside the sweet Evangeline:

Every bed has a handmade quilt…


This next one is the “Little Cypress“…

It’s an Acadian-style cottage with its own dock and pier. This is the rustic one…


And then we have the “Magenta” – a former sharecropper cottage:

I love how homey and cozy this one feels (well, they all feel that way!)


The smallest of the 5 cottages is the “Playhouse“…

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…it may be tiny, but it sure is adorable.

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Last but not least (and perhaps my favorite) is the “Schoolhouse

imahe from:

Built in 1830, this once one-room Schoolhouse from Washington, LA, appropriately named “Schoolhouse”, is a wonderful cottage with it’s 12 foot ceilings, stenciling and Americana theme.

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As you may know, I have a thing for repurposed former schoolhouses.

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There’s just something about those old buildings that is so appealing…

The Cajun Country Cottages is nothing less than a delightful tour through the historic cottages of the south.

(And it sure beats Motel 6!)

If you would like to experience the cottages in person, you can find more information here:


  • Trudy Eure says:

    I love your comment about the hospitality in La. South Ms. is where I live and we all are hospitable just like New Awlans. lol Your comment about grits is hilarious. We had a friend from the North come down for a visit. I asked, “Would you like to try some grits?” They said “yes, I believe I’ll try one.” I literally laughed until I cried. Grits is made from ground corn. We eat grits with salt and butter. Thanks so much for your positive review of the Cajun folks.
    Trudy Eure

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