My old house

Did my old house FINALLY sell??

My old house finally sold!!!

Could it be?

Yes it sold.

[cue the Hallelujah chorus]

I didn’t want to say anything until the ink was dry – heck, until the ink was set for a couple of weeks, because I didn’t want to jinx it.

If you are a longtime reader of House Crazy, you know that I have been trying for years to sell my old house, only to be let down on numerous occasions, like here, and here, and here and here.

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Update on the house that just will not be sold

My old house

It happened again. The buyers of our old house walked. This is the third time. Maybe the fourth – I’ve lost count.

At first I was mad, then I was depressed, now I feel a bit relieved that things worked out the way they did.

I can go through the whole litany of unreasonable inspection items the buyers demanded we fix or pay for, (which we refused outright) but that will only make me angry again. And right now I feel a strange sense of…..  peace? Destiny? I don’t know what to call it.

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Update on my house that MIGHT sell

Freaking out just a little right now.

The very day I arrived for my summer vacation in Canada, we got an offer on our house in Colorado. Wouldn’t ya know it.

my house for sale

This posed a problem because I am up here in Canada and not down there in Colorado to find a place, pack, etc., etc.

So we countered back hard – full price and no concessions. Close at the very end of August.

Guess what?

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Update on my house that won’t sell

Yes, the darn thing is still for sale.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

“But it’s so cute! I can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet!”

If I had a penny for every time I heard that, I could have my mortgage paid off by now.

“I LOVE that house! I would buy it in a second if I was in the position to buy!”

Apparently, a lot of people are not in a position to buy. We’ve had offers, and close-to-offers, but either the potential buyers can’t get financing, have a house that they need to sell first, or just get cold feet for God knows why – like the buyers who walked last summer.

“Why do you think it hasn’t sold yet?”

Bad luck? Retribution for sins in a past life? The universe conspiring against me? I’m starting to sound really paranoid here. But the prevailing theory is that the house does not want us to sell it.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

“Why don’t you rent it out – no wait, renters would trash that historic home.”

Yep, in these parts some renters tend to um, wreck houses. I know it’s not PC to generalize so I’m just saying some renters around here. Maybe renters where you live don’t steal door knobs, cook meth in the bathtub, and throw trash in the backyard, but they do here, unfortunately.

“Can’t you just lower the price?”

Been there, Done that. Thrice. We are at the point where we are almost at the same price that we bought the house for in 2010. We are losing money on the place and just want to come away with our shirts on at this point.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

“Why don’t you hold an open house?”

Tried that myself a couple of weekends ago. The only people who showed up just LOVED the house but were not in a position to buy. And they wanted to come see why this amazing house hasn’t sold yet. And they couldn’t figure out why this adorable house hasn’t sold yet.

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My latest acquisition…

Why none other than a historic state of Colorado prostitution license!

1891 Colorado Prostitution license

No, it’s not an original – these are just copies – but I loved the way the prostitution license was put together with a Victorian Boudoir photograph and a copy of a $5 silver certificate.

five dollar Indian head certificate

The license was issued March 10, 1891 for a Ms. Laura Belle…

1891 Colorado prostitution licsense

I love finding unusual historic things for my walls – especially with a local connection. It’s part of my ‘keeping it real’ approach to decorating.

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