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My visit to Miramont Castle

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About a month ago I visited one of Colorado’s architectural treasures: Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

This grand home was built for someone very important. But I won’t tell you who until the end of the post. We’re going to play a little guessing game – no cheating! No Googling!

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Edith Macefield’s House

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Remember that Disney movie UP? Turns out it was based on a true story.

This is the story of the little old lady who hung on to her historic home until the very last hurrah.

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My 5 favorite Christmas movie houses

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1) Funny Farm – Cap Cod house in Vermont

This is my absolute favorite movie. All the right elements come together for some big laughs, including the adorable Cap Cod style Vermont farmhouse where much of the drama takes place. Although the movie spans several months in the life of Andy & Elizabeth Farmer, the culmination of the movie is the Christmas scenes when the unlucky couple try to sell their house.

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The fallen soldier’s room frozen in time

image from: Photo by Matthieu Bock of Europe1.

image from: Photo by Matthieu Bock of Europe1.

I saw these intriguing photos doing the rounds on the internet and I had to look into them.

Here’s the back-story:

After a French World War 1 soldier was killed on the battlefield, his grief-stricken parents preserved his room exactly the way it was on the day he left for war. As a memorial to their fallen son, they kept the room in that state the entire time they owned the house. When they sold their house in 1935, they wrote a clause into the deed which stipulated the room must remain untouched for the next 500 years. Owners from that time on have honored their request.

soldier's room

image from: / Photo by Matthieu Bock of Europe1.

The legality/viability of the clause is questionable, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it could be upheld for five centuries?

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Vintage dollhouses: my personal finds


hand made antique doll house

Recently, I took a stroll through some antique stores in Florence, Colorado – affectionately known as the “antique capital of Colorado”. I came across so many vintage dollhouses that I thought I’d throw a post together with the pictures I took.

The first image (above) looked to be a folksy, hand-made affair – possibly even modeled after someone’s own house. Which I find so endearing!

The huge beauty (below) was more of a pro/factory job…

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