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Hi friends!

I have been getting a good deal of email inquiries since ending my blog back in February with people asking how I’m doing, and, is it possible for me to ever post again on my house blog.

The answer to the first question is that I’m doing great! I decided that I should no longer share any details of my life or where I’m living on my website simply for safety and security reasons. But rest assured, I am alive and well and feelin’ good. And still snapping pictures of the odd house that tickles my fancy…. like this one…


photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

The answer to the second question is…. I don’t know!

I have been considering doing occasional posts whenever I have time and feel the muse. I just can’t seem to keep away from adorable old houses. Like this one…


photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

The truth is, I really miss house-peeping, even though maintaining this website is shit-loads of work!

Here’s what I’m thinking….

I’ve had numerous people send me pictures of their own houses, or photos of houses that they themselves have taken and requested that I publish on my blog. Since I have run into copyright issues in the past, I would only feel comfortable posting photos that I have permission to post.

So perhaps, PERHAPS, I could do an occasional post here and there with house pictures that YOU send me (ones which you have taken yourselves and therefore own the copyright).

What do you think?

Please leave your comments below, or drop me a private message at housecrazysarah@yahoo.com

Oh, okay, one more…


photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns








Goodbye – and what’s next for House Crazy Sarah

This will be my last post here on House Crazy.

I outlined some of the reasons why when I announced the retirement of my blog last month.

I sure will miss all the cool, wonderful people I have met and come to know through this website. You house-lovers are my people!!

But don’t be sad my friends. I look at this ending as an opportunity – a new beginning. I once again get to reinvent myself and I am really excited about the future, however challenging it may be.

I have been lucky enough to cram several reincarnations of myself into one lifetime – most people don’t get to do that, so I am actually grateful for the twists and turns that I have faced.

My first priority is to spend more time with my kiddos and less time on the darn computer. My young children really need me to be emotionally present right now and, “Leave mommy alone – I’m working!” isn’t really cutting it for them.

Then I need to focus my energy on finding the right person/caretaker to buy this darn old house.

My house

I love her, but it is time to move on!

As I mentioned before, I will eventually need to start looking for full-time work – a “real job”. This endeavor will be a challenge in itself because I have been out of the traditional workforce since 2005. (Employers don’t get too excited about “writer/blogger & stay-at-home-mom” on a resume.)

Nonetheless, I will throw all my energy into getting a job, even if that is in the household goods department at Walmart. (Not to belittle those who work at Walmart – I love hanging out in the decorating aisles!)

And hey, if you know someone who needs a hard-working/writer/former social-worker to employ, let me know!


Is it possible that House Crazy Sarah will start another blog in the future?

(One which isn’t riddled with copyright/legal problems ?)

It is entirely possible. Heck, I may even re-start House Crazy down the road if I can figure out a way to do so without infringing on copyright laws!

So my friends – don’t despair!

In the words of my favorite house-loving writer, Frances Mayes:

“Life offers you a thousand chances… all you have to do is take one.”
―  Under the Tuscan Sun    



[ps…… if you still need to get your “house fix”, there are a bunch of other awesome house blogs you can check out! Just scroll down my website’s right side column and see my list of house blog favorites!]




Last call for House Crazy

Say it isn’t so?!?

Yes, my friends, it is true. House Crazy Sarah will be closing up shop one month from today.

front door knob (from Trulia)

It was not an easy decision but one that I had to make because of big changes in my personal life this year which will necessitate me to get a “real” job so I can actually pay the bills. :(

In addition, I have been running into a lot of trouble with copyright issues and have even been threatened recently with legal action for using some images without permission.   :(

I really love doing this blog but it is just not worth the risk of having my poor-single-mother ass sued off.

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Best posts of 2013

As 2013 tip-toes into 2014, I thought I would take a look back at some of the best House Crazy posts from the past year.

I have compiled 20 of the most popular posts based on viewer stats and using, heck, the unscientific method of choosing the ones that I had the most fun writing & researching.

So here you go! (In order of oldest to newest…..just click on the title to view the original post!)


A Cape of Primary Colors

A Cape of Primary Colors


The Sound of Music House in Aigen Austria

Villa Trapp


The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

Trapp Family Lodge


The best little whorehouse in Colorado

Best Little Whorehouse in Colorado

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Christmas Houses

image from: pinterest.com

image from: pinterest.com

For us, our house was not unsentient matter—it had a heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us with; and approvals, and  solicitudes, and deep sympathies; it was of us, and we were in its confidence, and lived in its grace and in the peace of its  benediction. We never came home from an absence that its face did not light up and speak out its eloquent welcome—and we could not enter it unmoved.

—Mark Twain, 1896

image from: facebook.com

image from: front-porch-ideas-and-more.com


image from: http://www.1856countrystore.com/

image from: http://www.1856countrystore.com/

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