Colorful New Orleans Houses

image from: (by: boxchain Alex Cockroach)

One of the funnest places to go house-peeping is none other than New Orleans, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, there has been renewal and rebuilding taking place, giving houses – and whole neighborhoods  – a renewed sense of pride and history.

image from: (by: Karen Apricot New Orleans)

Of course not everyone could rebuild and many homes were lost, but the beautiful restorations rising from the piles of rubble are truly heartening. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do to awaken one’s spirit.

image from: (by: Karen Apricot New Orleans)

New Orleans is the city that brought us Tabasco sauce, Po’boys, poker and Jazz – Jazz being a word meaning “energetic or vigorous”.

image from: (by: Karen Apricot New Orleans)

Have a look at some of these colorful New Orleans homes that really embody the VIVE vibe of the historic Cajun city…

image from: (by: Karen Apricot)

image from: (by: Karen Apricot)

image from: (by: Karen Apricot New Orleans)

image from: (by: Karen Apricot, New Orleans)

image from: (by: boxchain Alex Cockroach)

image from: (by: Editor B – Bart Everson)

image from: (by: TaylorBell*)

image from: (by: TaylorBell*)

Interestingly, New Orleans Louisiana has the most National Historic Districts of any other city in the United States – 20 in all.

Kudos to the resilience and creative spirit of the people of NOLA!


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