There are lots of stories about people who find interesting things while diving underwater. However, they all pale in comparison with what some divers have found off the coast of Cascais, a small city from Portugal. The divers have stumbled upon a shipwreck so old that it’s being called the “discovery of the decade”. To make things even better, the shipwreck is well preserved and the divers were able to find many artifacts.

20. Cascais

Cascais is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is located close to the sea and this made it quite famous back in the day when pirates were still roaming the waters.

19. Anomaly

The researchers at Nova University in Lisbon have been studying Cascais for a long time because this city tells the story of how Portugal sent colonies to other continents and traded with the entire world. The researchers have also found an anomaly while studying the shore.

18. Shipyard

While the marina of Cascais might be filled with yachts and luxurious boats right now, this wasn’t always the case. The big marina of Cascais made it a perfect shipyard for traders all over the world who wanted to spend a couple of days in Portugal.

17. Traders

Historians believe that Cascais was a hotspot for traders because of the large marina. This city used to be filled by people of all ethnicities and they all were looking to trade spices and all other types of items.

16. Pirates

The local folklore is saying that Cascais was also filled with pirates at one point in time. Luckily, Portugal got rid of them fast because the Cascais marina was well protected. Nonetheless, check out the next pictures to see what the divers have found beneath the waves.

15. Beneath The Waves

The shore of Cascais is filled with rocks and this made it a dangerous place for wooden ships. However, no one expected that a massive shipwreck would be hiding beneath the waves!

14. The Diver Crew

Jorge Friere and his crew were the ones who found the shipwreck. He was hired by the researchers from Nova University because they spotted an anomaly while trying to scan the shore with the radar.

13. Ancient Ship

Jorge Friere and his crew determined that despite being an ancient ship, it was still in good condition. The wood didn’t deteriorate too much and they could still access the hull. Isn’t this amazing?

12. Big Discovery

The divers got to work as soon as they realized that the shipwreck is in excellent condition. They were determined to pull out everything they could so that they can figure out the ship’s age and history.

11. Chinese Pottery

The first thing that the divers discovered was Chinese pottery. This is great news because by analyzing the pottery, the experts could tell when the ship sank.

10. More Items

The divers couldn’t believe that the shipwreck was in such a good condition. They knew that they need to rush and keep pulling out as many items as they can.

9. The Ming Dynasty

The expert researchers were able to determine that the Chinese pottery was made during the Ming Dynasty and this helped them figure out an approximate date of when the shipwreck sunk. Check out the next picture to find out how old the shipwreck is.

8. It’s A Relic!

The expert researches are saying that since the shipwreck was carrying items from the Ming Dynasty, then it must have gone underwater somewhere between 1573 and 1619.

7. 400 Years Old

The shipwreck found by the divers is 400 years old! Can you imagine that? This ship was sailing the seas back when pirates were still alive. Isn’t this crazy?

6. Incredible Experience

The divers who found the shipwreck are saying that this is one of the most incredible experiences that they ever lived. We can be sure that exploring an ancient shipwreck feels amazing.

5. Cannons

The divers also found a bunch of cannons inside the shipwreck. This further confirms the fact that pirates were still sailing the seas and looking for prey.

4. Coat Of Arms

The cool thing about the cannons found on the shipwreck is that they all had Portugal’s coat of arms on them. The crew of this ship probably had their fair share of battles.

3. History

The most important thing about this discovery is that it helps the researchers learn more history about Portugal. Not just that, but also show how impressive the wood craftsmanship was back then.

2. Win-Win

The divers got the chance to live a once in a lifetime experience of finding an ancient shipwreck that is still in good condition and the researchers got to learn additional information about their country.

1. Awesome Discovery

The shipwreck was forgotten at the bottom of the sea for 400 years, but luckily, it has been found! Nonetheless, what did you think of this awesome discovery?