What would you do if your dog started barking like crazy and woke you up in middle of the night? Even though getting mad might be your first answer, you should always check around the house and see what is causing it. There might be a burglar or something terrific happening and you wouldn’t know about it because you were dreaming. This is exactly what happened to a couple from Danville, Virginia.

20. Shitzhuh


Today we are going to share with you an incredible story about a little shitzhuh dog named Jack who saved the lives of his owners after waking up in the middle of the night. You will never believe what was happening while the owners were sleeping.

19. Intelligent Dogs


Shitzhuh dogs are renowned throughout the world for being super adorable, but what many people don’t know about them is that they are really intelligent. These dogs are sharp and they don’t let anything get past them, not even when they are sleeping!

18. Annoying Barks


Our story starts when Michelle Moore and her boyfriend Christopher Creech who live in Danville, Virginia were woken up in the middle of the night by their adorable shitzhuh named Jake. Keep reading to see what the couple did when the dog woke them up.

17. Trying To Fall Asleep


This might come as no surprise, but the couple didn’t want to wake up when their dog started barking at 1:30 in the morning. The couple tried calming the dog and falling asleep back again, but this didn’t work.

16. Something Is Wrong


It didn’t take long for Michelle and her boyfriend to realize that something is wrong. Their dog has been trained to keep quiet during late hours and barking at 1:30 a.m. was not something that Jake usually did. 

15. Strange Sound


As the couple was trying to figure out what’s going on, they heard a strange cracking sound. What could it be? Was it a thief who was trying to break into their house?

14. Dutchess Wakes Up


Michelle and Christopher had another dog called Dutchess and she started barking as well. Something was definitely going on downstairs and Christopher was determined to go down and see who is trying to break into their house.

13. Is It A Thief?


As Christopher was slowly getting out of the bed on his way to check downstairs, Michelle started wondering what if there’s something ever scarier making noise? What if it was not a thief? Unfortunately, Michelle was right…

12. Hurricane Florence


The reason why Michelle and Christoper’s house was making cracking noises was not because a thief was trying to break in, but because Hurrican Florence came to Danville. This put them in a life or death situation where they needed to figure out what to do next so they decided to ran out of the house.

11. House Gets Destroyed


Good thing that Michelle and Christopher decided to take their dogs and ran out of the house because Hurrican Florence destroyed everything in its path, including their house! Can you believe this? The next picture will send shivers down your spine.

10. The House Is Gone


The house was destroyed and the couple lost everything. The only thing that they had left was their two dogs who saved their lives by barking in the middle of the night. Let’s see what Michelle and Christopher have to say about this.

9. Life Savers


Michelle says that even though she is heartbroken that her house is gone, she is thankful that her two dogs saved her life. She doesn’t know what would’ve happened if Jake didn’t start barking and woke her up.

8. Incredible Turn Of Events


Michelle added that she doesn’t even want to imagine how this story would’ve turned out if Jake didn’t hear the hurricane. This is a great example of why having a pet around the house is a good idea.

7. Everything Is Gone


The sad part about Hurricane Florrence is that it destroyed every item that Michelle and Christopher ever owned. Knowing that all their items are gone brought the couple to tears, but they needed to keep going forward.

6. Baby Pictures


Michelle says that the thing she cares about the most that were lost during the Hurricane are her baby pictures and items from her late father. This is heartbreaking, but Michelle and Christopher needed to move on and find a place to stay.

5. Good Neighbor


One of the neighbors saw how badly Hurricane Florence affected Michelle and Christopher and he offered them one of his houses for free until they can raise some money and move out. This is amazing and the neighbor deserves praise for this good deed.

4. Starting From Scratch


The couple doesn’t have any other option than to start it all from scratch. On the other hand, they are happy that they are safe and that nothing bad happened to them or their beloved dogs.

3. Hard Work


Even though getting money to buy a new house is going to be hard work for Michelle and Christopher, the couple doesn’t have any other option. All that matter now is that they are alive and safe.

2. Leave It All Behind


As heartbreaking as this might be, Michelle and Christopher had to leave it all behind, but they will never forget that their beloved dogs were the ones who saved their lives and warned them about Hurricane Florence.

1. Adorable Dog


Who would’ve guesses that a small and adorable dog like Jake could end up saving the lives of his owners? Good thing he was awake when the Hurricane struck and he was able to warn Michele and Christopher of the danger.