Elderly Woman Is Facing Jail Time For Not Mowing Her Lawn, Four Kids Decide To Help Her Out


Mowing the lawn is never easy during the heatwave, but this gets even more challenging for old people who suffer from severe health problems. Gerry Suttle is a 75-years-old woman who was facing time in prison for not mowing her lawn. The woman couldn’t do it on her own and she didn’t have anyone to call for help. Fortunately, a group of young boys decided to lend Gerry Suttle a helping hand.

20. Wholesome Story


Today we are going to show you a wholesome story about how four brothers got together in order to help out a senior woman mow her lawn. The woman had to mow her lawn or else she would face jail time according to the law.

19. Meet Gerry Suttle

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Gerry Suttle is 75-years-old and during her lifetime she has seen it all! However, time has taken a toll on Gerry’s body and she can’t take care of house chores such as mowing the lawn like she once did.

18. Clean Lawn


Gerry says that the lawn would always be in perfect condition when her husband was still around. Sadly, Gerry’s husband passed away and the woman is all by herself now.

17. The Grass

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Since Gerry was not able to mow the lawn herself and she didn’t have anyone to ask for help, her yard was no in good shape. To make things even worse, she received a court notice in the mail for this!

16. The Mail


During a regular day, Gerry was checking the mailbox as she always does. However, this time she spotted a letter from the government. Something wasn’t right and she knew it!

15. Gerry Is Shocked


Gerry opened the letter and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was a court notice informing her that she could go to jail if she doesn’t mow her lawn. Can you believe this?

14. Texas State


Gerry lives in Riesel, Texas and there is a local law that forces residents to mow their lawn and never let it get bigger than 18 inches. Gerry needed to find help and she needed to do it fast.

13. Jail Time


As crazy as this might sound, the 75-years-old woman could actually go to jail for not mowing the law. To make things even worse, she didn’t have any money to hire help.

12. News Spreads Around


It didn’t take long for news of Gerry’s problem to start spreading around the town and someone decided to help! The kids in this picture are the Reynolds brothers and they were the ones who volunteered to mow Gerry’s lawn for free.

11. Unbelievable!


The four brothers couldn’t believe that an old woman like Gerry might face time in prison and they knew that they had to help. The next picture is so wholesome that it will make your day better!

10. Helping Out

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Here is one of the Reynolds brothers helping out. Even though the four brothers are really young, they were willing to put in the hard work and nothing could stand in their way.

9. Great Kids

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Isn’t it amazing how four kids decided to help an old woman out? These kids have been taught right and there’s no doubt about that. Their parents must be really proud.

8. Strangers

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What’s impressive about these young boys is that they have never met Gerry before. In fact, they had no idea who she was, but they were still willing to put in the hard work and help her avoid jail.

7. Mowing The Grass

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“We haven’t met her yet, but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing. That’s the least we could do,” said one of the brothers. Aren’t these kids just amazing?

6. Bright Future

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We think it’s safe to say that the Reynolds brothers have a bright future ahead of them! They proved that they have a heart of gold and that they are more than willing to put in hard work.

5. Amazing Moment

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Gerry says that she is still amazed by how great the Reynolds brothers are. This is not something that you see every other day. Most kids would prefer to stay inside the house and play games instead of taking care of chores.

4. Local Celebrities

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This should come as no surprise, but the Reynolds brothers have become local celebrities. Everyone knows them for their good deeds and their actions are inspiring others to help out elderly people.

3. Hard Work

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The impressive thing about the Reynolds brothers is that they had lots of hard work to put in, but they never backed down. Not just that, but the brothers also had to deal with a heat wave which made their task a little bit more challenging.

2. Proud Parents

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The Reynolds parents did their best to teach their kids valuable lessons about life and it all paid off. The boys proved that they are compassionate and their parents couldn’t be prouder.

1. Awesome Kids


The four brothers are awesome and Gerry’s lawn has never looked better after they were finished with it. Nonetheless, what did you think of this story?