Family Finds Strange Sea Creature On The Beach, Then This Happens


Going to the beach is an excellent way to enjoy some precious family time. However, people who have small children can’t relax and get a good tan. Children are really curious and nothing will stop them from touching everything that they find on the sand, including dangerous animals that wash up ashore. In fact, you will never believe what this family from Australia found during a regular day at the beach. It was a strange, never seen before creature that pulsated.

20. Free Weekend

The Dickinson family had a free weekend and they decided to take their kids to New Zealand’s Pakiri Beach. Adam and Eve are the parents and their plan was to chill out on the beach and get away from the crowded city in hopes of forgetting about work for one second.

19. Kids Have Fun

The great thing about going to the beach is that kids will have a blast. They love building sand castles and playing in the water. Although, this beach trip would be something that the Dickinson family is never going to forget.

18. Big Surprise

As the parents were relaxing on the beach, one of their kids started calling for them. Did something wrong happened? Check out the next picture to see the jaw-dropping surprise that the parents had when they went over to check on their kids.

17. Strange Creature

The kids found a strange creature on the beach. The parents had no idea what it was and the weird thing about this creature is that it pulsated. Is it alive??

16. Something Is Wrong

As you can see in the picture featured above, there was something wrong about this creature. Even though the Dickinson family lives next to the beach, they have never seen anything like this before.

15. Curious Nature

Obviously, kids are curious by nature and they want to touch the strange creature. Fortunately, the dad realized that the weird sea creature might be toxic or poisonous and he pulled the kids away.

14. Is It Dangerous?

Adam had no way of telling if the creature is dangerous or not, but he was not going to take a risk. On the other hand, he wanted to see what’s the deal with this strange animal and find out why it’s pulsating.

13. Special Adventure

Adam figured that he might as well take his kids on a special adventure and try to learn something about the sea creature. You will be shocked by what the dad does next.

12. Blowing On The Creature

The man decided to blow some air on the creature and see what happens and the creature moved! It pulsated faster than ever when he was blowing on it and this was making it clear that the creature is alive.

11. He Tries To Move It

This mystery was a great adventure for the Dickinson kids and Adam was determined to show them how he explores the world. He tried to move it with his hand but let it go as soon as he felt it move. He didn’t want to risk getting poisoned.

10. They Notice Something

As the dad was trying to move the creature, the kids screamed once again. They spotted something strange on the beach. What could it be this time?

9. Small Jelly Fish

Out of nowhere, a bunch of small jelly fish started appearing on the beach. This is when the father of the kids realized that the strange sea crature that he is seeing might be a jelly fish that is turned upside down.

8. Upside Down

Could this giant sea creature be a jelly fish that has been turned upside down? The dad was determined to find out the answer.


7. Staying Safe

The kids were excited when they heard that their dad is going to turn the creature upside down, but the dad needed to be safe. Therefore, he looked around until he found a big stick that he could use so that he doesn’t need to put his hands on the creature. You won’t believe what the sea creature was all along.

6. The Lion’s Mane

After Adam turned the creature upside down, he noticed that it was, in fact, a jellyfish. Not just that, but this is a rare jellyfish called the lion’s mane. Check out the next picture to see how the jellyfish has earned this name.

5. Giant Jelly Fish

The reason why this jellyfish is called the lion’s mane is because it can grow up to seven feet wide. Can you imagine how scary it must be to swim and find one of these creatures in the water?

4. He Was Right

Remember how Adam said that the strange sea creature might be dangerous? Well, he was right! Good thing that he didn’t let his kids touch the creature because they could have got hurt.

3. Beautifull Creature

As beautiful as this creature might be, we shouldn’t forget that it’s dangerous. The long tentacles can hurt people and Adam made the right decision by turning it over with a stick instead of his hands.

2. Awesome Experience

Even though finding the sea creature on the beach was a little frightening at first, this was an awesome experience for the Dickinson family and the kids love it!

1. Unexpected Surprise

Going to relax at the beach and stumbling upon a massive jellyfish is an unexpected surprise, but it turned out to be a pleasant one for the Dickinson family.