House Crazy Sarah is going on vacation for 2 weeks!

road trip

Yes, I will be on vacation for the last 2 weeks of March.

And since I am a firm believer in unplugging and checking-out while on vacation, you won’t hear a peep from me until I get back April 1st!

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So where is House Crazy Sarah off to now? The California coast via road trip through the desert southwest, roughly following route 66 with a stopover in Las Vegas, Nevada to meet up with some old friends and catch my girl Shania Twain live in concert!

Sounds fun right? Well Lupe and I have wanted to do the old Route 66 trip for a while so when 2 friends of mine were going to be in Las Vegas, we jumped at the chance to scoot over there through Albuquerque and northern Arizona. We are only roughly following Route 66 since parts of it no longer exists and parts of it are rather run-down and hard to find. Plus, we will have the two pipsqueak/monsters with us so we’ll be hearing “are we there yet?” in stereo every 5 minutes.

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Once in California, we have to say hi to the ocean (maybe even Hollywood), and then plan on taking an excursion up the central coast through Santa Barbara wine country – à la the movie Sideways. How far up the coast depends on how much time we have before everyone starts driving everyone crazy.

But I’ll surely be doing some house-peeping and photographing along the way, which I promise to share with you upon my return!

See you in two weeks!

~ S


ps…….. since Easter is so quickly approaching (doesn’t it seem extra early this year?), check out the post I did last year about Easter Egg colored homes!



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