John Denver’s house in Aspen, Colorado

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One of the most searched terms on my blog is “John Denver’s House“. I did a post a while back called Starwood in Aspen – about a home near John’s house in Aspen, Colorado that was for sale – but not John Denver’s actual house. Starwood is the name of the subdivision where he built his dream home.

I suspect people also search my blog for John Denver’s house because 1) I live in Colorado, 2) I love mountain homes, and 3) I occasionally mention my undying love for John Denver here on my blog.

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Your wish is my command. Here is the be-all-and-end-all post on John Denver’s former home in Aspen, Colorado……..

John Denver and his first wife Annie Martell lived in Edina, Minnesota until the late 1960s. With the success of his latest solo album, John brought Annie to Colorado to scope out a site for a future home.

Colorado had always been a favorite destination for John, although he was not actually born here. He was born in Roswell, New Mexico of all places. His father was an officer in the Air Force and the family moved often from state to state. The young Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr had traveled through Denver and was taken by the beauty of the wondrous Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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He began singing and playing guitar at age 11 when his grandmother gifted him a guitar. John performed in bars during college and soon became well known in the folk music scene as a singer/song-writer. He joined the group the Chad Mitchell Trio in 1965 and performed with the group until 1968. John was told during this time by record executives to change his name to something shorter. He chose the surname “Denver” in honor of the capital city of his favorite state – Colorado.

One thing I did not know before writing this post was that John Denver attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where he studied architecture. So when it came time for him and Annie to build their dream home, John – with the help of a professional architect – designed it himself. The home later won several architectural awards. It was built predominantly from redwood with tons of glass windows to take advantage of passive solar heating from the prime southern exposure.

The home is located at 570 Johnson Drive, Aspen, Colorado.

Why Aspen? John and Annie had been on a ski trip to the community and fell in love with the landscape and the small town atmosphere. Keep in mind that Aspen was not the astronomically expensive wealthy enclave that it is today.

Aspen, Colorado in 1974:

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Back then it was one of Colorado’s undiscovered gems. The irony of John Denver’s success is that his presence in (and vocal admiration of) his beloved Aspen contributed to droves of people swarming there. Subsequently, Aspen became an over-priced, heavily developed world famous ski resort destination. You can still find some old-timers in Colorado who are bitter about this and blame John Denver for the bastardization of Aspen, Snowmass and the surrounding areas.

Aspen, Colorado today:

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Nonetheless, John Denver was NOT a fan of development and his love for the area was deep and genuine. He wished only to live there in the peace and tranquility of the mountains.

The Denver’s home in Aspen was completed by 1975 – along with a nearby guest house on the property. Even though John and Annie divorced in 1982, he kept possession of the home in Aspen until his untimely death in a plane crash on October 12 of 1997.

John Denver singing on his deck in Aspen:

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As a tribute to the late musician, the state of Colorado declared “Rocky Mountain High” to be one of its official state songs in 2007.

After John Denver’s death, his adopted children (named on the deed as: DEUTSCHENDORF, ANNA KATE & ZACHARY ) inherited his main house in Aspen. According to the local county assessors records, the property was sold in early February of 1999 for $2,380,000. The buyer is recorded as “GREAT ROMANCE PROFITS LIMITED”. There are no other sales records available, so it appears that the home has not been sold since 1999.

Photos of John Denver’s house are few and far between – believe me – I have looked. His former home is located in a gated community in the high-dollar Starwood development of Aspen so it is difficult to even get close enough to take a picture from afar.

When John Denver’s house was for sale after his death, however, some dedicated fans had the foresight to clip and save the listing photos along with the detailed listing description.

Here are those listing photos of John’s house as it appeared in 1998, interspersed with the realtor’s write-up of his home [reprinted from:]


“…Annie and I moved to Aspen. It was Christmas 1970. Mountain promontories had always been a part of the equation for us, and when the numbers for ‘Country Roads’ kept growing, I figured we could afford our dream house….Winter had settled in and there was snow on the slopes; the whole setting went right into your soul.” (John Denver in his autobiography “Take Me Home”)

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And so began John Denver’s love affair with Aspen and Starwood. John found Starwood when it had only been minimally developed and was encouraged by a friend to purchase land, “I looked out over the valley… I knew we’d found home.” The following year John was there for the ground breaking, “A couple of hours later, there it was, the whole house laid out in pegs and string, pointing through the hundred-year-old scrub oak to the mountains beyond.”

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Now, twenty seven years later the late John Denver’s dream home is being offered for purchase. The new owner of this fabulous home is sure to enjoy its spacious and inviting living spaces and magnificently private property.

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This one of a kind property in Starwood is made up of two deeded lots totaling 7.6 acres. Together these lots afford its occupant some of the most spectacular views in the valley of all 4 ski areas including Pyramid Peak and the 13,200 foot Mt. Daly. The landscaping includes many mature trees and naturally occurring brush. There are flat grassy areas giving this property a potential for horses.

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Unique water features are found throughout the property. There is a waterfall and summer stream. Small ponds are connected by a bubbling little creek that winds along the front entry steps providing guests with a very tranquil welcome. The compound encompasses three buildings with over 9,000 s.f. of living space.

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The main house is 6,849 s.f. with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths and is situated on its own deeded lot. It is accessed by a circular driveway that is naturally landscaped and private. The main house has a 2 car garage with its own entrance to the house separate from the main entrance. The second deeded lot has its own private drive and a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2,228 s.f guest house with a separate 1 car garage and spacious office.

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The main house faces south and drinks in the sun incorporating it into solar energy. The exterior is all redwood with a cedar shingle roof. The home itself is large and meandering with lots of intimate spaces. It is a romantic home with lots of separate gathering places.

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The kitchen is an inviting gathering place with gorgeous woodwork and a large center island. A separate sitting area has a fireplace and a sunroom leads out to the pool. The pool area includes a large hot tub and in ground trampoline. Decks surround the house and draw guests outside to take in the most spectacular mountain views in Starwood. The large great room has an exquisite stone fireplace and leads again to the decks overlooking the spectacular mountain views that this home was designed to take advantage of. There is a separate office and library as well as an intimate sitting room with fireplace.

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The dining area is just off the kitchen and here as well as throughout the house is extensive and elegant woodwork. A special inclusion in the sale price of this home is a grand piano in its own special alcove that one can image was a focal point.

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The master suite is large with its own fireplace and beautiful built-ins. There are his and her bathrooms and dressing rooms, a sauna and two person jacuzzi. The master bath is separated from the bedroom by a wall of custom stained glass. The master suite has private access to the outdoor decks and the fabulous mountain views beyond which provided such inspiration to its former owner.

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The lower level has a pool room with an attractive pool table included and a three brass lamp chandelier. Additional highlights include private guest rooms, a nursery, wine room, lots of storage and a security system.

The quality of the reproduced photos is poor but it is an impressive real estate write-up for a remarkable musician’s former home.

When the house did sell the next year, the Aspen Times newspaper ran the following article, though some of the information in it contradicts the official Pitkin County assessors records (like the sales price and date of sale) :

John Denver’s house becomes a second home

By Tim Mutrie Aspen Times Staff Reporter

Date this article ran in the Aspen Times:  4/1/1999

John Denver’s former Starwood residence on Johnson Drive sold for $3.68 million last month, according to local realtor Carol Dopkin.

Dopkin declined to identify the buyers, but said a family had purchased the seven-plus acre estate.

“They’re going to keep the home and use it as a family retreat and vacation home,” she said.

Some local residents and far-flung John Denver fans had suggested that the residence, which went on the market July 8, 1998, be made into a museum to honor the late singer and activist who died in a plane crash off the coast of California in October 1997.

A 6,800-square-foot, five-bedroom main house and 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom guest house sit on the former Denver estate, Dopkin said.

“The house is a house of intimate spaces,” Dopkin said. “It’s very romantic with a lot of quality to it. The master bedroom is very unusual because it has a whole wall of stained glass, a Jacuzzi for two, a steam room. [Denver’s] study is almost spiritual in feeling and it has a library and reading loft just off of it, and then a deck with a telescope.

“His house isn’t just a house, it’s an experience,” Dopkin said. “It has character to it, and that sounds like it must have been funky, but it wasn’t, it was quality. It has a lot of things that I would call timeless. It has very interesting architecture, with lots of wood and lots of solar applications.”

Dopkin said Denver and his former wife, Annie, built the two houses in 1975. Both were remodeled in 1984, she added.

“There’s a swimming pool and beautiful grounds, suitable for horses. It’s just a very romantic house,” Dopkin said.

“The place has the most spectacular views,” she added.

When Denver purchased the two adjoining lots in the 1970s, “he had his choice of almost any lot in Starwood and he chose this one,” she said.

Denver’s presence in the subdivision attracted so many fans that the singer put up the funds for the first Starwood guardhouse.

– source: Poems, Prayers and Promises website tribute

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John Denver did not have a will when he died so his first ex-wife (Annie Martell) was appointed as estate executrix by a judge. Annie divided John’s assets equally between his three children (2 adopted with Annie, and a third biological daughter with his second wife). The federal government penalized Denver’s estate with huge taxes because he did not have a will upon his death. His property went through probate court and the guest house was reportedly subdivided from the main house and sold separately. (source)

A tribute museum would have been a great way to preserve the main house and to honor the legacy of its famous designer and former owner. But, alas, it was not meant to be. John’s creation in Starwood is now a private home completely off-limits to the public. There is no gravestone or cemetery where you can visit John in memory either – his remains were cremated and scattered in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

But if you ever do find yourself in Aspen Colorado, there is a special place where you can go to pay your respects to Colorado’s beloved son. The John Denver Sanctuary park is free, open to the public and is a truly an emotional experience.

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I was there a few years ago in the summertime, and, well, let’s just say I fell in love with John Denver – and Colorado – all over again.




The Aspen Times reported last Friday that John Denver’s former home is up for sale again!

Here is the text from that article dated August 1, 2014:

An Aspen-area home once owned by the late singer John Denver is up for sale.

The listing, first reported Thursday by the Wall Street Journal, is being handled by Aspen property broker Carol Dopkin, who did not immediately return a phone message Friday.

The estate, which includes a six-bedroom main house and five-bedroom guesthouse, is listed for $10.75 million. The estate was bought in 1999 for $3.68 million.

Both homes, located in the gated community of Starwood off of McLain Flats Road, combine for 9,077 square feet and sit on 7.61 acres of land, according to Dopkin’s listing.

Denver lived in the Starwood home until his death in October 1997, which came after he crashed his experimental aircraft into the Pacific Ocean. He was 53.


To see the recent listing photos of John Denver’s, check out the updated post I did here.






  • Nick Kirby says:

    I would love to inspect that one:)

  • Marie Hunter says:

    I’ve loved John Denver’s music since I was in grade school, we even did a school play and used his ‘Country Boy’ for a square dance scene….those were the days. Very interesting post Sarah, although a bit sad. He died far too young! But I must say, from the pictures, I’m not in love with his house……maybe the views are great,, but I”m not liking so much wood… each his own. The piano that came with the house would have been worth the price… since John probably played it….

  • Sue says:

    This is so interesting Sarah. It really is to bad that the guest house was sold separately too. Kuddos to his ex-wife for giving the house to the children though. I went skiing in Colorado once with the hubby in Ski the Summit which was 3 locations.

  • Susan from GA says:

    I, too, was a majory John Denver fan. I often time put his, James Taylor, and Carole King albums on my stereo to fall asleep to in college. Good memories. I saw him in concert in Atlanta many years ago. He and his music were everything I thought it would be live. What a beautful soul, lost too soon. I suppose many folks now don’t even know who he was, but his music had a tremendous impact on me. I cried the day he died. A talent and wonderful human being gone too soon. Thanks Sarah for stirring up some sweet memories!

    A New Reader

  • Susan from GA says:

    OOPS…MAJOR not majory….lol…too early for me!?!?!?! lol

  • Nan from Carbondale says:

    This is so great to see – I’ve always been curious as to where John Denver lived. He is missed. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Peggy says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you. I still am a John Denver fan and since retirement have enjoyed the celebration of his life in Aspen every October. Lots of fun, music, and like minded people.

  • Ann Marie in Savannah says:

    Thank you so much for your John Denver article. I still think he is my soulmate, just like all of his other many fans that gather in Aspen every year. This Georgia girl fell in love with Colorado because of his music and I have been trying to move there ever since. Maybe one day… In the meantime, I just try to visit at least once a year, and keep John’s music alive for my 5 precious children- including my oldest daughter named Anna Kate. 🙂

  • Ann Marie in Savannah says:

    Btw, when I was 12 I had a poster on my wall of him I sitting in a greenhouse room. I think he was in his house ? Do you happen to know if he had a greenhouse room?

    • housecrazy says:

      Ann Marie, I’m not entirely sure about that… there was a spread done in architectural digest – which was pictures of his home. It may have been a promo picture. But yes, its likely it was in his home because I did see mention somewhere that he had a sunroom/greenhouse room.

  • Ann Marie says:

    This would have been back in like 1976 or so. It was a poster out of like tiger beat or you know one of those today Justin Bieber mags. It was also apparently published in Japan too as I saw a copy of this poster on sale on eBay saying it was from a Japan mag. Did he have a recording studio in his house do you know? Was it taken out. Just curious. Love your pics of cripple creek. Found it by accident traveling between canon city (royal gorge) and aspen many years ago. It was off of a dirt road. This was pre-casino. There were burros walking free throughout town. Probably 10 years later I went back and it was all changed!! Like black and white. I was glad I had seen it before because it was sort of a wierd little place before it was recivilized.

  • Roberta J Whitmore says:

    Found your website through Google. So glad to find others who still love John Denver’s music. My husband and I live in Pennsylvania. Recently we saw a concert put on by friends of John Denver. It had John’s music and voice playing and the friends were playing along with the music on stage. It was fantastic! My husband and I saw John Denver twice, what great concerts!

  • Art B says:

    Thankyou so much for all the info on one of my favorite singers and artists of all time. As I write this i am on the final days of a Colorado vacation in Avon. I will be driving to Aspen to visit the John Denver sanctuary on my way back home to Southern California all the while playing my John Denver greatest hits CD.

  • Linda Cherry says:

    Hi I live in Northern Ireland and have loved johns music since I was teenager, long time ago. He came to Belfast once on tour, I wanted to go see him but none of my family or friends were fans so no one would go with me, so never got to see him in person. He died few years later . Always regret not seeing him. Was glad to find your site and to see his beloved house.

  • Lisa says:

    It’s hard to believe he didn’t have a will.

  • Steve @ Elsie Thompson Washington state says:

    I love John Denver.
    I keep him alive in my heart. I was lucky to have gone to 5 diff. concerts. Been to Aspen
    twice, have every record,cd,dvd he ever made.We have a picnic table I built with 2 inch fir slabs
    and my lovely wife Elsie burnt his songs all around the edges and knots. We have a corner of our living rm. dedicated to Mister Denver.
    Steve @ Elsie

    • housecrazy says:

      That’s excellent Steve! I was just in Aspen a couple weeks ago at the John Denver Sanctuary – it was even more beautiful than I remembered it!

      • Barbara Tull says:

        I have never been there but going this summer. Could you or anyone tell me how much walking or if it is wheelchair access able . Have loved JD for many years and keep him alive in my heart. My time is running out so I have to make it there this year before I go on diallisus and can’t. Was wonderful finding this site Thank you

        • housecrazy says:

          Hi Barara, I am *thinking* the JD memorial park is wheelchair accessible because there is a trail pad of concrete that runs through it, but does not go right up to all of the stones with the lyrics on them. Do a Google search and find the John Denver Memorial Park website (I think it’s City of Aspen) and it should tell you about accessibility.

          I’m glad you enjoyed the article 🙂 I went back to Aspen last summer and they had added even more to the memorial park.

          • Barbara Tull says:

            Thanks so much I can take my wheelchair and cane and use both. That is great I can walk short distances. You have made me very happy. Have seen the site but did not see anything about accessibility. Will check again

          • Kate Dennis says:

            I believe the JD Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible by wheelchair because there have been many improvements to the trail/walkway over the years. I was there many years ago, and the winding trail was wide and smooth underfoot.

  • Kate says:

    Thank you Sarah, excellent article and photos! John Denver would be so happy seeing this!

    • Kristan says:

      Thank you for all of the photos..very great to see. As for the comments regarding a sun room, I don’t know if the home had one, but his Windstar foundation property in Old Snowmass did definitely have one. Sun room pictures may have been taken there. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time walking the property there and enjoying the peace of what what his dream – a foundation dedicated to ecology and created for preservation of the Earth. His
      “Spirit” statue was also placed there. Sadly, the Foundation is now no longer based there and the majority of the property I understand was just sold this year. However, his Memorial Wetlands, the portion of land he purchased and donated should thankfully, hopefully, remain there for generations….a loving gift he left of the Colorado he so loved….

  • Margie says:

    I lived in Snowmass Co from 1967 to 1969 and was able to get to see John preform at the Leather Jug (may not be the correct name-that was 40 odd years ago) John had not moved to Co yet. We went almost every night he was there. He was a great preformer and really gave his all to his audience.

  • Carole thompson says:

    Really enjoyed reading this article and the photos of the house, are amazing, what a beautiful beautiful house…. I have travelled over from the UK several times, like Peggy, on retirement, to Aspen for the tributes in October… It’s a wonderful time and would encourage anyone to attend.. We all love to be there amongst all the great music… As you say the sanctuary is an emotional experience, especially as it has now been extended… It’s just a lovely place to sit or walk around.. 🙂

  • Carol Morgan says:

    Fantastic article on the late great J.D, have loved his music for so many years, how odd that he made so many of us happy with his music yet appeared to have a sad personal life, he died doing what he loved, what a fitting way to go, i doubt i will ever get to Colorado but i can dream !!

  • Myrna Reid says:

    Was John friendly with Frank Sinatra?Some one told me this and I just couldn’t imagine those two together! I never heard of this before!I love Johns music,who wouldn’t! I will always listen to him,such a sensitive person.Thank you for the information about him.You seem very well informed.

  • Catherine Matousek says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article on JD. We need to keep
    his “spirit” alive. Do you have info on where I can
    Write to Annie at her current address?

  • Virgil Davis says:

    Great article. Happy Birthday John. Thank you for giving me years of peace, tranquility, and serenity with your music. You have Filled up my Senses, and have indeed been the Sunshine on my Shoulders…..

  • Brenda wright says:

    I have always loved John Denver’s music. We attended a concert of his music last night on what would have been his 70th birthday. It was bittersweet. The music made me realize all over again what we have lost.

  • Christi Madden says:

    I’ve been a John Denver for many years and had the honor and privilege of hearing his breath of fresh air voice at least three times. My dream is to visit Denver, Aspen, Colorado and am sorry his home wasn’t made a museum. He made such a HUGE difference in this world with the environment, nature, preserving; however, he went too soon, indeed. When I see an Eagle; I think of him and my late Father, who was a fan as I and he loved Eagles, Hawks and Horses and nature as I do. We’ll never forget you John–and the LOVE of you, your music and the difference you made will LIVE on FOREVER as your music does–in our Hearts! MountainSeaNature John Denver fan – Christi

  • Edna Barry says:

    John touches the soul like no ones else can. His wife was special too,and she must feel his loss,the memories of their time together,will always be with her.. Was there a chance that they would get back together,it seems that just before he died,he was so happy to be with her and the children

  • Carl Sumruld says:

    I met with John at the original Starwood home in 1972. I represented the Glenwood Springs Moving and Storage company and was handling a damage claim. His huge overloaded LP album cabinet had literally exploded while being loaded with a forklift. The home has had substantial add-ons over the years. I later became the State Farm Agent in Aspen and furthered my fan/business relationship with John and Annie. I left Colorado in 1976 and still miss that special place. John’s music always takes me back home again. BTW I too am originally from SE New Mexico John joked that he and I were offsprings of the Roswell flying saucer incident.

    • housecrazy says:

      Awesome comment Carl! Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Diane says:

      Great to hear these stories.

      • Zita says:

        I have been a fan of John’s for many years, even till today, and on a local station they still play his music. I sit there in amazement every time I hear his songs. Does anyone know where Annie is today? She is one person I would love to get to know, as I am an undiscovered author (so far) and I would be hanging on every word she would say. Thank you for keeping him alive in my heart.

  • P Davis says:

    Wonderful info about JD. When in Snowmass, I play his songs constantly and think of him when on the lifts and slopes. I loved his autobiography and cannot believe how personal and frank it was. Makes me think of the comments people say, “don’t think I would tell that.” The book can be found on Amazon and is well worth what you have to pay. His music is pure and may be eternal; I hope so. Sarah, thanks!

  • Gary V says:

    First met John though I didn’t know it was him lol back in the early 90’s in my own driveway,in N. Conway, New Hampshire,while I was working on my motorcycle.I was lying on the ground working on the engine and all I saw was some guy in jeans with a baseball type hat and sunglasses walk over to me and ask me how the bike was coming along and I said good, not really paying attention to this person lol………Later on I found out through my neighbor after he left, that he was there visiting for a few days hahaha. Then while we were living in Basalt, Co. in 97″ I ran into him again in Aspen, 2 weeks before his passing while he was out riding around on his black colored Harley Davidson. He was pulled off the side of the road reading the local newspaper and me and my now ex- girlfriend pulled off to say hi and talk with him for a few minutes ….I reminded him of the N. Conway time and he actually seemed to remember and we laughed… I feel honored to have shaken hands and hung out with the legend John Denver….

  • geo pet says:

    I have been to the Starwood subdivision many times, past the guard house, and never knew where John Denver’s house was until today. Next time, I’ll drive by to pay my respects to a wonderful songwriter and singer.

  • Staaryskystudios says:

    The ’70s was a different lifetime. John Denver’s music filled the air and the atmosphere. I road-tripped all thru the Rockies and Aspen, Snowmass — WOW, what a different place it was then. It is sad to know his home has been swallowed by the development he opposed. I feel his sincere desire to mend this planet consumed him. He was a piece of the Native American knowledge “what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves”, and he tried desperately to fund whatever he could to help balance our planet. I saw almost all his concerts…had all his records/cds….the words sing through my mind constantly. I was driving home when I heard on the radio he had died that day….I almost ran off the road. It was devastating, and I had never even met him. I felt we lost a truly soulful and gifted, magical presence that day. But I am so grateful the world still has his music to remember, lean on and hopefully learn from. What a magnificently creative soul he was….and we were here at the same time… lucky are we??

  • CeeWee says:

    Love me some John Denver – I’m a 57 year old African american woman and has always loved all genre of music. I won a double John Denver album on a local radio station when I was in high school and introduced my younger sister to John Denver. Still today, she sings Boy from the Country and Grandma’s Feather Bed.

  • Jack Armstrong says:

    Just curious, I drove a cab in the Aspen area for a couple of years and John had installed a very large fuel tank 8-10k gallons during the seventies gas shortage so he could buy it in bulk. Is that still on the property? He got the permit for it because he offered the Aspen police/fire department access to it if needed for emergencies. I heard it had been removed some years ago, but I was just curious.

  • Starlight says:

    This article is a comfort to me. I’ve been a fan of John’s since I was a little girl- and when I was a teenager, he and his music led me to Christ. The day he died was one of the worst days of my life, and I still miss him terribly at times. It’s nice to know that there is still at least one place left ( other than the crash site off of Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove, that is) where I can go to see the statue and the other memoribilia and remember him. And I might as well mention that the demise of the Windstar Foundation and the sale of the land that it sat on broke my heart last year. I visited the land once, in the summer of 2004, and I still have photos from that visit. I use one of those pictures as a screensaver on my computer, in fact. It’s a picture of the whole Windstar valley, as taken on a summer day by one of the Foundation’s volunteers. I have photos of the Spirit monument and of the biodome that was dedicated to John’s friend Bucky Fuller, too. I was only there for two hours that day… but I could have stayed forever. I could sense John’s spirit around me when I walked on the land- and there were moments during my visit when I half expected to turn my head and see him standing or walking behind me. That’s how stongly I could feel his presence. Knowing now that I will never have that experience again, nor will I be able to share it with anyone else ( as I had once hoped to do) is very, very sad. The only reason that the sale of the land ever went through in the first place was because John wasn’t here to protect it and keep that from happening…. and I feel deep in my heart that no matter where he was in Heaven at the time, he was probably very upset about it. No, I’m not a “troublemaker ” fan- just someone who loved John and his music very much and who still deeply misses him.

  • Larry Schaller says:


  • Janel Schwarz says:

    It’s so wonderful seeing all of the John Denver fans still out there. He may be gone, but he is not forgotten. I have loved John forever. I am from Le Sueur, MN and growing up in Minnesota during that time was quite exciting. There were always JD sightings! Everyone loved him! My family knew Annie’s parents quite well. My mom went to school with Jim Martell, actually dated him for awhile, until she met my dad. (I would always dream that if my mom had married Jim instead, that John would have been my brother-in-law) Also, my dad worked for Jim at his restaurant in St. Peter. The Holiday House was before it’s time. It was a membership only restaurant in it’s early days. It was so classy, and you always felt like royalty when you dined there. Jim greeted everyone and he knew everyone by their first name and loved talking about his famous son-in-law. He was down to earth, just like John. The Martell’s also had family in the area, so John and Annie would visit quite frequently. There were several funerals that John sang at over the years. Even though he and Annie had divorced, he was still a part of the family. I remember skipping out of class in junior high because the rumor was that John and a friend were playing racquetball at our Community Center, which was right next to the high school. A group of about 50 of us stood outside and waited for him. He was such a nice guy. He posed for a picture with all of us, which made it into my yearbook that year. Coming from a small town had it’s perks for getting the scoop on what John was doing in town. My mom worked at a local store and the relatives would come in to have their pictures developed. They couldn’t help but brag about the graduation or wedding they were at and John Denver was there, and they would show my mom their pictures. She would always tell me and of course I would be horribly jealous. One time my mom made the comment “oh, my daughter is so in love with him, she would love to see these”. This wonderful woman, had reprints made for me!!!! (I cried the day my mom brought those home – they were so personal) I have always held these rare and wonderful pictures dear to my heart. A couple of years ago I ran into Jim while cleaning my mom’s apartment,. He lived in the same complex and had wandered over to see how my mom was doing. We chatted for awhile, reminisced about the “good old days” and of course John. I told him how much I had loved John and was always grateful for the items of John that he had passed along to either my mom or my dad for me. And Jim always being a wonderful and giving man, had MORE items for me. This time, pictures of family holidays and courthouse pictures of the day Zac and Anna were adopted. (again I cried) I have my coveted collection of personal photos, posters, albums, magazines, etc. but last weekend I unexpectedly found a rare gem to add to my collection. I purchased John’s first solo album Rhymes & Reasons(one of the few I didn’t have) and when I got home I found that it had been autographed by John. So, again it has sparked my need to relive those wonderful days, and to be among those who still cherish the beloved man. We all have such wonderful memories of a man taken too soon from us and I love reading them all.

    • housecrazy says:

      Janel, what awesome memories and keepsakes! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Diane says:

      What wonderful memories, thanks for sharing. I fell in love with John’s music in the early 70’s and I always loved the John and Annie love story. I am so glad that they still loved each other when he died, even if not romantically. I have learned that sometimes that kind of mature love where you would do anything for the other person and stay in their lives through thick and thin is truer than romantic love. Sigh…:-)

    • Penelope (Penny) Smith says:

      Thank you so much for sharing I was so sad about John & Annie’s split but then I had one of my own. I was born the same year as John his death was such a shock. Now 35 years later I am in a Rehab Hospital Casaverde North of Alicante Spain after a mistake in an operation on my back I have lost the feeling in the backs of my bottom down the legs and feet so we are trying to wake up the siatic nerve so I will walk again so as you can imagine listening to John on Youtube is fantastic I still have his vinal long players.

  • Pat Scrabeck says:

    I can remember after his death that his second wife (sounds like she was a real piece of work) tried to get his two adopted children with Annie disinherited because they weren’t his by blood. It went to court and the judge threw it out. From reading his biographies, he loved those two kids as much as if they were his own by birth. I still play his music and never get tired of hearing it. Brings back a lot of good memories. Love and peace to all who loved John.

  • Lara McGowan says:

    I recently went to a tribute to John Denver done by Tom Becker! It was done so well,I could see John,I’m not kidding! He was looking at the equipment and then sat down and stayed,with the happiest grin you ever did see. I was so happy and so full of peace,he saw me but not anyone else. He waved to me but I was too happy to notice! I am telling you this Annie,Cause its true! He was wearing a flannel shirt and a big blue vest! I guess he came back to see his tribute,me and then Tom. Please keep in touch! God bless!

  • Edward Swiney says:

    I like John Denver he was a cool cat for real……I miss people like him …..

  • Lara McGowan says:

    Did you ever listen to his music?

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for this link. I cannot believe how beautiful his house and land are. As for not liking all the wood – who cares if you have those views! I live in Australia and I was really shocked that it only sold for approx $3M the first time it went on sale. You couldn’t get anything as beautiful as that house, and with that much land in a place like Aspen in Australia for anything like that amount. It was a bargain! 🙂

  • NerdyBookGirl says:

    Just watched part of another John Denver special on my local PBS station, again. This was different than the one that came out several years ago (this one narrated by a British woman?) but had much of the same stuff as the other one. They always run it for beg-a-thon time and I always sing along with Annie’s Song. I remember singing Take Me Home, Country Road in the car as a kid (no country roads in Newark NJ), watching my fellow dancers dancing to Thank God I’m a Country Boy at my dance recital and learning how to do ASL sign to Sunshine On My Shoulders when I was home sick in high school, watching educational TV of course. It’s good to find out more about the person behind the songs and what the songs meant to them and to see that, yes, they were human just like the rest of us. This is not a plug but PBS has some amazing programs and shows like American Masters helped me find out more about people like Charles Schulz, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Seeger, Carol Burnett, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Brooks, Martha Graham and Annie Leibovitz, just to name a few. I like all kinds of music and was raised on AM radio but when I was old enough to start buying my own records (!) I bought what I liked even if it wasn’t what everyone else was listening to. I am still surprised that I know the words to John Denver songs that I haven’t heard on the radio in forever but happy to sing along, loudly, and embarrass everyone in a 100 ft. radius of my voice 🙂

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