Little Girl Inspires Community To Raise A Fortune For Hospital That Saved Her Father’s Life


Even though Elly Neville is just a 7-years-old kid, she wanted to make a difference in her community. Elly Neville heard the story about how her father’s life was saved by a hospital and she was decided that she wants to repay the doctors and nurses for their kindness by making a small 50 pound donation. However, Elly Neville’s actions inspired many people and the donation got much, much bigger!

20. Elly Neville

This little girl is Elly Neville. However, don’t be fooled by her small size because she is wise beyond her age. Not just that, but Elly Neville is a sweetheart who loves nothing more than to help people.

19. Withybush Hospital

Back in 2015, the little girl’s father was sick. He needed a bone marrow transplant and the only place where he could get this special treatment was at the Withybus Hospital.

18. Successful Operation

The operation was successful and the father was feeling better. Unfortunately, the doctors told him and his wife that they are never going to have kids again.

17. It’s A Girl

Despite all odds, Elly Neville was born. She is a miracle baby and her parents love her very much. You won’t believe how Elly reacted after she heard her father’s story.

16. Giving Back

The little girl was so impressed by her father’s story that he decided she wants to give back to the hospital that saved his life. Isn’t this little girl simply amazing?

15. Raising Money

Elly told her parents that she wants to start setting her lunch money for school aside so that she can raise 50 pounds. She was planning to donate the money to the hospital as a “thank you” for saving her father.

14. 50 Pounds

Even though 50 pounds might not be that much money, it was more than enough to inspire Elly’s community to help her. Everyone from the community started donating money and Elly was getting closer to achieving her goal of 50 pounds.

13. Great Inspiration

Elly was a great inspiration to everyone and before she knew it, she managed to raise 10,000 pounds for the hospital. Can you believe this?

12. More Donations

People kept donating to Elly so that she could hand the money over to the hospital until she had more money that she could ever dream of. Try to guess how much money Elly raised in the end and check out the next picture to see if you are right.

11. Big Donation

Elly had raised 100,000 pounds! The little girl and her parents never believed that they could raise so much money and they were super happy. How do you think the hospital staff reacted to this?

10. Amazing Moment

No one could believe that Elly managed to raise so much money and they were all impressed by her. She is making a difference in the world at such a young age. Check out the next picture to see what Elly has to say.

9. Elly Speaks Out

“I would like them to get some plumpy cushions and fluffy blankets to keep all the patients comfortable while they are in the hospital. The nurse on Ward 10 helped to make my Dad better when he was ill so this is to say thank you for that as well,” said Elly.

8. Awards

Elly’s incredible deed didn’t go unrecognized and the little girl was given the British Citizens Youth Award Medal at the House of Lords last October 2016. 

7. Great Example

Elly definitely deserved the award, don’t you think so? Nonetheless, she is a great example and inspiration to us all and there’s no doubt about that.

6. Bright Mind

How many 7-year-old do you know that think as Elly does? She has a bright mind and the great thing about it is that she puts it to good use.

5. Proud Parents

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Elly’s parents are super proud. They couldn’t ask for a better daughter.

4. The Hospital Staff

The hospital staff is never going to forget what Elly did for them. They are very grateful and they used the money to get all the new tools and medicine that they needed in order to treat the patients.

3. Bright Future

We can’t stop from wondering about what Elly is going to do in the future? She already proved that she has a heart of gold. Let’s hope that she keeps the tradition of inspiring people alive even when she grows older.

2. Wholesome

Elly’s decision to set her lunch money aside to raise money for the hospital was so wholesome that it got her entire community to donate. Elly is a great girl.

1. Powerful Moment

The people who work at the hospital said that it was one of the most amazing moments of their lives when Elly came in and told them about the 100,000 pound donation. Nonetheless, what did you think of this story? Isn’t Elly awesome?