Man Makes Incredible Gesture For Single Mom Who Lost Her House In The California Fire


The only good thing to ever come out of a natural disaster is the fact that it helps unite the community. People are amazing and they show their true strides in difficult times. During the North California Camp Fire, Patrick Whitmore and his partner Barbara Brooke heard that the house of a single mom has burned down to the ground and that the woman and her kids will become homeless. Patrick and Barbara needed to help and they decided to give the single woman the most amazing gift that she ever received.

20. North California Camp Fire

One of the worst natural disasters to take place this year was the North California Camp Fire. The fire got so out of hand that the US government had to bring in firefighters from other countries to help.

19. Damages

The fire claimed the lives 85 people and injured many more. This is a tragic event, but sadly, there’s nothing that we can do about it now. However, a man from Oregon couldn’t just stand by and do nothing when he heard that a single mother was going homeless.

18. The House Burns Down

Veronica is a single mom and even though raising a kid all by herself is difficult enough, her house also burned down. The woman was in dire need for help and sadly, she didn’t have any relatives to take her in.

17. Patrick Whitmore

The man in this picture is Patrick Whitmore and he knew that he had to do something and help out his community ever since he heard the news about people’s houses burning down on the TV.

16. Food And Clothes

At first, Patrick and his partner Barbara packed up food and clothes and then placed them in a parking lot for anyone to take. This helped many people and Patrick realized that he needs to do something even more significant.

15. The RV

Patrick owns an RV, and when he heard the story about a single mother being left homeless because of the fire, he knew that he had to do something about it.

14. Big Surprise

Patrick and his partner talked it over and they came to the conclusion that since their house didn’t burn down, then they didn’t need the RV and they could donate it to someone else.

13. It’s Yours!

Patrick didn’t hesitate at all and he told Victoria right from the moment he saw her that he is going to give her his RV. The woman was in shock and the only thing that she could do was to hug him.

12. Victoria Is Shocked

The single mother couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Is Patrick really going to give her this expensive RV for free? All her problems solved, just like that.

11. Powerful Moment

Everyone who was around when Patrick gave Victoria the RV was brought to tears. This was a powerful moment and everyone could see just how great of a man Patrick really is.

10. Helping Out

When asked, Patrick said that he didn’t do it to appear on the news. He simply wanted to help a single mother through her journey in life and bring a smile on her face despite what happened to her house.

9. Changing Lives

We think it’s safe to say that Patrick’s gift to Victoria is going going to change her and her little daughter’s lives. Can you believe how amazing Patrick and Barbara are? Who else gives RVs away like this?

8. Going Homeless

Patrick said that he couldn’t bear the thought of a single woman going homeless and seeing her in the parking lot holding a sign asking for food. He had to do something to prevent this and he actually did it!

7. She Deserves It

Victoria worked hard all her life and she deserves all the help that she can get. Being a single parent to a little girl is difficult and having all her belongings burn was heartbreaking to her. Fortunately, Patrick was there to help.

6. Working Hard

Let’s hope that Victoria finds the strength to work hard and get a new home in the future. Although, we can be sure that she will be motivated to put in the extra work hours everytime that she looks at her daughter.

5. The Right Thing

It’s still shocking to us how a man decided to give such an expensive gift to someone. Patrick wanted to do the right thing and nothing could stand in his way.

4. Lifesaver

Some might say that Patrick is a lifesaver because you never know what could’ve happened to the single mother if she and her daughter ended up on the streets.

3. They Are Amazed

This should come as no surprise, but Victoria is still amazed by what just happened. She never expected for someone to simply give her an RV. Fortunately, she got lucky and Patrick was there to help.

2. Great Guy

Isn’t Patrick just a great guy? There aren’t that many people who would donate something so expensive to a stranger in need and this makes Patrick an extraordinary man.

1. Strong Community

As we mentioned at the beginning, the community gets stronger everytime something terrible happens. Let’s hope that more people see what Patrick did and decide to make donations to people who lost their homes in the fire.