It is not easy to take care of your children and provide them with everything they need especially when you are a single mom. Making ends meet can be tough these days, and many people end up in the streets because they do not have money. This is one struggle that Ebony Rhodes knows all too well. However, the streets in her case ended up being the jail. Find out what happens and how her children are now!


20. The Illness

Jeff Glazier/GoFundMe

Working is tough in general, but doing it while you are sick may seem impossible to some people. This single mom, unfortunately, didn’t have any other choice, as she had to support herself and her family, even though she wasn’t healthy anymore. Sadly, after a while she even lost her home…

19. The Car

As the financial struggles kept on intensifying, Rhodes ended up living in her card along with her four kids. That is not the best place where four kids should be brought up, but at least they were with their mom. Sadly, that’s not all…

18. Best Choice?

Jeff Glazier/GoFundMe

The single mom knew that the situation was not a good one, but at least they had a roof over their heads. Living in her car was the only option, but that did not stop her from searching for a better way to save her family. And she found one!

17. Money Struggles

Due to her sickness, Rhodes was obliged to give up her second job, so she ended up working full-time at Walmart. The salary was enough for food, gas, and other expenses, but she did not have enough to save for a house. It was not easy for her to find shelter…

16. Searching For Shelter

For the past six months the family of five had been calling the 1997 Buick Regal ‘home’. The only condition was that the family needed to stay together no matter what. No mother wants to be split from her kids. Her words are soul-crushing…

15. Sensitive Confessions

Ebony Rhodes told CNN that no matter how important sleep was for her to get better and be good at work she could not get rest. Her eyes were upon her children to make sure that nothing bad happened and that no one was trying to rob them, while she was at work. Then it became worse…

14. She Was Pulled Over

One day, while driving her children to the library, Ebony was pulled over for expired tags. The feeling was awful… It felt like the end as she was barely managing to feed her family and a ticket was the last thing that she needed.

13. Her Heart Shattered

She could not stop her tears when she saw the flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. She has been caught. As the officer was getting closer and closer to her car…

12. Her Honest Answer

The officer came up to the car and asked why she was crying. Ebony knew her license was not good but it was a little too late for her to do something about it. As a result, she ended up being split from the children and as incredible it might sound, this next thing also happened to her…

11. Jail Time

Ebony Rhodes was thrown in jail, and her car was impounded. While being incarcerated, her story was heard by the whole department. Some were blaming the single mom for growing her kids in the car while others were trying to understand her side of the story. Then something incredible happened!

10. An Angel Heard Her Prayers

Atlanta Police Department

After a while, the 24-year Atlanta Police Department veteran, Deputy Chief Glazier, heard the story himself. Without giving it any second thought he decided to do for the family what no one else tried to do before.

9. The Angel And His Wife

After telling the story to his wife, Michelle, she knew that they needed to do something about this. Glazier knew that some shelters might be able to receive the family, so he made a personal call in hopes that he might bring some good news to the young mother. What was the answer?

8. Good News

Jeff Glazier/GoFundMe

He was amazed when he found out that they could accommodate the Rhodes family. He could not believe it as in wintertime most shelters are full of people seeking warmth and security. Ebony was so emotional and happy after receiving the news that she started crying because she has been trying for a while to find a place to stay. No one would ever accept them if it were not for Glazier. And that’s not all!

7. GoFundMe

Jeff Glazier/GoFundMe

If you want to help this family, you can search them on the GoFundMe that the Chief Deputy has set up. More than $65,00 were raised at that time for the Rhodes family. You won’t believe how their lives changed after this…

6. What A Year Can Change

Jeff Glazier/GoFundMe

A year ago Ebony has been arrested, but now the family is staying in a real home where she no longer needs to stay awake to keep away the danger. She is currently an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant and no longer struggles to pay her rent. Keep on reading to see how the family has changed.

5. Transformed

FOX5 Atlanta

Ebony could finally live peacefully thanks to a little bit of help from Glazier. She and her family kept a wonderful relationship with the Atlanta Police Department, and she will always be grateful for what they have done for her.

4. The Blessing

After all that has happened Ebony realized that her being pulled over was nothing more than a blessing in disguise. But wait, that’s not all!

3. Her Story Became Famous

CNN uploaded a video of her on their Youtube Channel where the story has been viewed by thousands of people. Many of them got emotional and here are their confessions…

2. People Praised The Atlanta Police Department

The Deputy Chief Glazier was a hero in the eyes of the people who saw the video, and many of them sent him blessings for being so kind-hearted. Others even thanked the family for not refusing the help. Some people in the same situation refuse the help of others because they are embarrassed by how they ended up.

1. The Kindness

An act of kindness can go a long way. Some other viewers considered this one of the best stories with a happy ending writing their comments in tears.

Finally, the family has a place for themselves where the kids can grow in peace.