My latest acquisition…

Why none other than a historic state of Colorado prostitution license!

1891 Colorado Prostitution license

No, it’s not an original – these are just copies – but I loved the way the prostitution license was put together with a Victorian Boudoir photograph and a copy of a $5 silver certificate.

five dollar Indian head certificate

The license was issued March 10, 1891 for a Ms. Laura Belle…

1891 Colorado prostitution licsense

I love finding unusual historic things for my walls – especially with a local connection. It’s part of my ‘keeping it real’ approach to decorating.

I found this prostitution assemblage in a western memorabilia store in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The license was for “Colorado City” which today is known as Old Colorado City on the Westside of Colorado Springs. Colorado City was a notorious red-light district back in the wild west days.

prostitution boudoir picture

So where does House Crazy Sarah put this semi-porn compilation? Well in her downstairs guest bathroom of course. So it can be seen and blushed over by adoring guests.

histpric prostitution license

I’ve only gotten one ‘traumatized by big boobies’ comment so far from my kids.

[If you’re interested in this sort of thing, I did a post not too long ago about the only surviving brothel in Colorado .]


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