One-of-a-kind earth sheltered home in Manitou Springs, Colorado

This beautiful creation-of-a-house is located in one of my most favorite towns on earth: Manitou Springs, Colorado. I’ve posted before on the unique (some might even say anti-conformity) flavor of Manitou Springs, and this extends – naturally – to the real estate there.

People in Manitou like to express themselves – particularly through their homes.

Have a look at this earth-bermed house high up on a hill…

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Built into the Earth, this passive solar home maintains constant temperature, year-round. A wall of glass, fabric covered walls and a fan system provide additional warmth.

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Currently listed for sale at $350,000 this house was built in 1980 and features 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.

Lets’ have a look inside…

I can’t quite see what the “fabric covered walls” look like…the ceiling is certainly interesting though…..

My favorite part is the anthropomorphic fireplace:

Let’s have a closer look at this bad boy, I mean, book boy…

Read any good books by a crackling fire lately? This house has!  :)

The bermed home also features passive solar heating from the windows on the south side, and room to grow your herb garden…

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Now, in this photo below… looks like a giant piece of framed art at first glance. But I think it is actually the television…


We finish out the tour in the master bedroom:

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that colorful window is made of recycled wine bottle glass bottoms, no?

Love the funkiness of this place!

For more details on this earth sheltered work of art, see here.




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