Today we have a heartwarming story to show you about three big bears who got confused after a pink balloon flew into their enclosure at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park near Tilburg in the Netherlands. You better stick around for #14 because the way these bears reacted to the pink balloon will crack you up. With that said, let’s get into it!


There’s something about big bears that fascinates everyone. They are fierce killing machines that have no one to fear in the entire forest. Despite their sharp claws and big teeth, they are really hilarious to watch.


Brown bears the most popular ones out of them and every Zoo needs to have at least one. This is the case of the Beekse Bergen Safari Park who has three of them! The cool thing about these bears is the fact that they love to explore the world and interact with people. Although, this is not the case for all of them…


Even though Zoo bears love to be around humans, most of them don’t like it. Therefore, people need to always be careful when they go exploring in places where bears live.


If you enjoying trekking on mountains and exploring the forests, then you already know just how dangerous bears can be. They are highly predictive and you don’t really have any way of getting away from them if you are on foot because, despite their big size, they are quite fast.


Talking about the unpredictive behavior of bears, you will never believe what three Zoo bears did when a pink balloon flew into their enclosure. Keep reading because you have to see with your own eyes how bears reacted to the strange object that appeared in their “home”.


Beekse Bergen Safari Park had a big event and they gave pink balloons to children who came to visit. However, the zookeepers never thought about the fact that some kids might let loose of their balloons and that they might scare the animals.

14. FOREIGN OBJECT Storyful News

Our story starts when this big bear brown notices that a pink foreign object somehow appeared in his “home”. The bear didn’t know what to think of the balloon and it got up on its two feet. Can you believe this?

13. CURIOUS BEAR Storyful News

Curiosity got the best of the bear and he wanted to get a closer look at the balloon. He didn’t know if the foreign object presented a threat to him and his other bear friends or not.


The bear dropped on all fours and got closer to the pink balloon in order to get a sniff of it. To the bear’s surprise, the balloon stood still and this grabbed the attention of other bears.

11. BEAR FRIENDS Storyful News

There were two more bears in the enclosure and they also wanted to see what’s going on with the foreign object that appeared in their backyard. Keep reading to find out what they did when the balloon started moving.

10. GETTING CLOSER Storyful News

The other two bears started running towards the pink balloon. They probably believed that their friend is in danger so they went to help. Nonetheless, the next picture will make you laugh!!

9. JUMPING AROUND Storyful News

For some unknown reason, the three bears started jumping around the balloon. No one can explain why they were doing this and some bear experts are saying that maybe this is their way to intimidate the balloon, or is it?

8. DANGEROUS ENEMY Storyful News

The bears had no idea if the balloon was a dangerous enemy or not and they got up on their feet so that they can be ready for any attack. In fact, one of the bears decided to muster up some courage and confront the balloon in the next picture.

7. BRAVE BEAR Storyful News

One of the three bears proved to be braver than the others because he went to get a closer look at the balloon. This is when the wind blew and the three bears freaked out!!

6. THEY ARE SCARED Storyful News

The wind blew the balloon away and the three bears didn’t know what to do. Two of them ran away and only the brave one remained to “fight”. However, this is when they started realizing that the balloon is actually harmless.

5. JOINING IN Storyful News

After figuring out that the balloon doesn’t present a threat to them, another bear got closer. Can you imagine what must be going through the minds of these bears? They have never seen a pink balloon before.

4. AWESOME DAY Storyful News

If one thing is certain, then it must be that three bears had an awesome day together. Discovering the pink balloon in their backyard probably made their day because life at the zoo can get quite boring at times.

3. BEST TIME EVER Storyful News

After all, these bears are just three regular best friends having fun together. Also, no one can blame them for being scared of the pink balloon when they saw it for the first time.

2. EXPLORERS Storyful News

Even though the bears might not be able to leave the zoo, this isn’t stopping them from exploring their surroundings and having fun every single day.


At the end of the video one of the bears even look at the camera, just like Michael Scott and Jim Harper did in The Office. Aren’t these three friends just the most hilarious bears you ever seen?