Kitchen Magnetic Wall Strip

When I cook, it resembles a Hunger Games of vegetables and meats that want to make into the final meal and not onto the floor. Still, this sleek organizational strip is perfect to place all your knives and metal tools.
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Boat Shaped Key Holder

There are only about a million and a half key holder options out there, but this one feels elegant and beautiful. This will fit in with literally ANY decor you have.
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Fake Money Brick

Imagine propping up your TV with bricks of money, or making a shelves with a fake $100,000 propping it up. Be inventive, because this is a truly original and conversation starting product.
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Giant Googly Eyes

Imagine mildly terrorizing your family with hilarious Googly eyes on random house hold objects. Your world just got hilarious, and you are welcome.
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Honeycomb Shelves Rule

Ever been in a fancy hotel room where they have hundreds of honeycomb shelves that are both functional and beautiful? I haven't either. But imagine 100 of these taking over an entire wall!
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Inspiring Stair Decals

Stairs are notoriously boring, what with the government chiming in to say things like "You can't have the rotating stairs from Harry Potter". However, here is a way to make your stairs less boring.
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Door Mat Painting

Floor mats are pretty boring, don't you think? Well here is a freaking painting on a door mat! It looks epic and everyone will be caught staring down at something that isn't their cell phone.
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Hologram Maker

Want to confuse literally everyone that comes into your house? Well you are in luck. This actually creates a hologram of anything that you put in it. What year is it?
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Spider Catcher Galore

Spiders are gross, and we all know it. This catcher keeps you at a safe distance, but since there is a 1% failure possibility you will still want your husband or roommate or someone to do the dirty work. Still, if you hate spiders, you NEED this.
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Your Best Towel Solution

Another idea that we wish we thought of. A shower rod with two levels, one for the curtain and one for your towel. Michelle from Full House: DUHHH
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Best Storage Ever

This might be the most simple and effective storage solution ever. Think of it as a rubber band between two tacks that literally holds everything. By the way, we recommend these over the rubber band, these are a lot better made.
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Toilet paper 80's Style

Remember when cell phones were only for wall street people riding around in Mercedes? Let's get back to the instant print photo, except this time, you can literally wipe your butt with it.
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A friendly reminder

Admit it, you need this. How many times have you left the house and wondered whether or not your bathroom would be on fire when you got back? Just a simple friendly reminder for you to remember not to burn your house down.
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Your wine glass needs cats

Cute and cuddly, and they won't claw your face off when you pet them in the wrong area. If you love cats, and you're on the internet so clearly you love cats, you need this the next time you are drinking a little too much Pinot.
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Hack your bathtub

If you like baths, you know that your tub has a fail safe against you leaving the water running and flooding your house. But you're an adult, you can handle it! This blocks the fail safe drain, allowing you to have as much water as possible in your bath time.
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The best way to phone in bed

Laying down in bed just got better than ever.  We all do it, lay in bed and browse social media or play games before bed.  But that takes fingers and grasping, and it makes think, their must be a better way!  Well now there is!

Jokes aside, this does make watching shows and video in bed super easy.
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You can be a (comfy) mermaid

Like being warm and toasty but miss the experience of being an underwater creature?  This blanket has you covered.  They have both a smaller size for kids and a larger size for adults so your entire family can flap their tails.
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