Rezoned and Repurposed: 313 year old Nova Scotia Mission for sale

This one’s a jaw-dropper…

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Located in Avondale, Nova Scotia, Canada this massive estate was first built as a fortified mission dating back to the year 1699.

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Now owned as a private residence, this structure has been thoroughly restored & renovated over the past 30 years. It’s current owner bought it in 1980 for $15,000. [that’s fifteen thousand dollars!]

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The owner’s children have grown up and moved on, so he and his wife have listed it on the market for $2,195,000.

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Says seller/empty-nester Sherman Hines:

It was mainly a place for the children. It’s a wonderful place for children to grow up, and now there are just two of us, and seven buildings, and we use three rooms.

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Hines hopes that the fortified church-turned-home will become a museum above any other purpose.

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According to the Priceypads website:

Built in 1699, this 313-year-old home, fondly known as “The Mission”, is one of the rarest and most unique offerings in all of Atlantic Canada.  Built at the request of Abbe M Thury, a few miles from Grand Pre, the famous site of the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755 – 1758.

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(That moose head just gave me a sudden and piercing pang of home-sickness for Canada.)

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Detail of an antique door:

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Then you have the dungeon er, subterranean wine cellar…

Reminiscent of the Paris Catacombs, this ancient stone cellar was once used by the French as the base of a fortified church to protect against British military forces.

Insanely creepy/romantic in a Phantom of the Opera kind-of-way.

For the owners, the cellar was love at first sight:

We drove up and I crawled around in this basement, it was full of mud and debris. I was doing kind of a duck walk around, I couldn’t stand up, and I fell in love with it.

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I can see why.

The property includes several smaller cabins as well…

Rustic interiors in gorgeous rural scenery…

(The fur-trapper’s cabin?)

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Oh Canada… I miss you…

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…fake deer and all.


For many more photos and additional information about this 300-year-old fortified church & property in Nova Scotia, see the following websites:



  • Sue says:

    Wow again. If I were one of the adult children, I would not want the property to be sold. It’s great. My husband had a moose head when we got married. It now lives in a shop in Wisconsin Dells-LOL.

  • sherman hines says:

    Minor correction, the fake deer is actually a 1.5 life size monument BRONZE by the famous artist DENNIS JONES of Joseph OR.

    On another note, Sarah, thank you for using our home to illustrate your interest in
    extraordinary homes that make you crazy. If you find yourself in the hood, please stop
    by for tea under the moose head, or a “moose head ” under the moose head.

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