Stylin’ rustic cabin made from reclaimed materials


From a quick glance at a distance, this home in the San Luis Valley region of Colorado may look like a shack from a bygone era:

image courtesy of Victor Summers (

But up close, this small cabin is actually a contemporay work of art built from reclaimed and recycled materials.

image courtesy of: Victor Summers (

Enitrely hand-built by  designer Victor Summers and his wife artist Lotus McElfish, this unique home is full of delightful surprises.

This 650 square foot “eco-retreat” is off-grid and situated on 40 scenic acres of land. It is currently for sale for $225,000.

Have a look at the inside…

image courtesy of: Victor Summer (

How lovely is that?

image couretsy of: Victor Summer (

Smart, clean lines and vintage appeal make this the most irresistable “rustic” cabin I have ever seen!

image courtesy of: Victor Summer (

According the the website Tiny House Talk, many of the materials that Victor and Lotus used were reclaimed from torn-down buildings such as the cabinets below (recycled from an old motel)…

image courtesy of: Victor Summers (

Salvaged wood from old boxcars and a hot springs water tower was also used in the construction of the cottage.

image courtesy of: Victor Summer (

This compact cabin also features a solar-powered shower, composting toilet and passive solar in-floor heating design.

image courtesy of: Victor Summer (

Here’s the loft bedroom:

image courtesy of: Victor Summer (

Small, but very serene.

I’m just CRAZY about this place! I feel like ‘packing-it-in’ and selling my kids so I can go live off the grid in this awesome little cabin!

(just kidding, my kids aren’t for sale)

But it is a gorgeous place. And it is for sale!

If you would like more information on this cozy, eco-friendly retreat, check out the builder’s website here and a feature article at Tiny House Talk.

image courtesy of: Victor Summers (