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Happy Easter to you all! I have some great posts coming up for you this next week but I thought I would squeeze a quick little one in tonight…

imahe from: http://tinyhouseblog.com/timber-frame/brigadoon-bungalow-in-a-box-update/

This tiny cottage in Maine was built by a green pre-cut building company called “Bungalow In A Box“.

We build an efficient, weathertight shell with minimal impact on your building site.
Our pre-cut components quickly assemble cottages, camps, garages, home offices and studios. Our unique framing technique joins low-maintenance, natural materials to create beautiful structures that last. Prefabricated interlocking, exterior-finish panels assemble quickly with minimal on-site waste.

– from: http://www.bungalowinabox.com/brigadoon.html

A Bungalow In A Box home can be completely finished in a matter of days, apparently.

image from: tinyhouseblog.com/timber-frame/brigadoon-bungalow-in-a-box-update/

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