bungalow with attic

A trip down memory lane… my university flat in Vancouver

my former Vancouver house

I was looking through an old photo album (remember those things?) and I found some pictures of the small stucco house in Vancouver where I rented the attic space while I was in school at the University of British Columbia.

My Vancouver rental house

The last time I was back in Vancouver was in 2008 for a friend’s wedding and, of course, we had to drive by my old house. It was still there – same as it looked 10 years before when I lived there.

So it was neat to find these long forgotten photos – very amusing to see how I lived during those formative years. No beer kegs or empty bottles – no sir, I was a serious student.

inside my Vancouver rental

The house was a 1930’s bungalow with a finished attic. I subleased the attic from a young Australian couple who rented the entire house. They had a little boy, and during the 2 years I lived there, they had another baby boy as well. So there I was up late at night trying to write a paper or something and all I could hear was a screaming, teething baby. Preparation for later in life, no doubt.

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