Chinquapin Parish

1835 Creole Cottage in Natchitoches, Louisiana

If you’ve seen the movie, Steel Magnolias then you have seen Natchitoches, Louisiana. “Chinquapin Parish” was the fictional name of the town in the movie, but it was filmed on location in the charming real-life southern town of Natchitoches.

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Natchitoches [pronounced nak-ee-tash] is a very old town in the historic French region of Louisiana. Established in 1714, Natchitoches is home to many stunning historic homes and commercial buildings.

One such building is an 1835 Creole cottage that was saved from destruction in 2003 by the local Historical Foundation.

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Currently for sale at $245,500, this meticulous cottage has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

this classic structure is considered to be among Natchitoches’s more important examples of the Classic Creole Cottage because of its overtones of Greek Revival details …  The house has 11-12′ ceilings, beautiful molding and six working fireplaces, all with period mantels.  Heart Pine floors in four of the first floor rooms and both upstairs bedrooms are original.  Window glass in all windows and doors in the main first floor rooms are also Circa 1835.


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The bulk of the back of the home appears to be a newer addition.

Have a look inside…

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