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Off-grid Colorado mountain home for sale!

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photo courtesy of: Realtor Mitch Weiner

How would you like to snuggle up inside the embrace of the earth…. with warm natural elements surrounding you…. your own greenhouse full of food…. and spectacular forest views to the south with the warm Colorado sun pouring in?

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photo courtesy of: Realtor Mitch Weiner

Well – here you go!  This fabulous earth-sheltered home is located in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado.

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Grass-covered dome duplex in Florida

The hills have eyes…

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…and brow bones too, if you want to get anatomical.

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There is a house under there - buried beneath the undulating mounds. Actually, it is a duplex.

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From the exterior, it appears to be a feature on a golf course. Located in sunny Florida, this earth-covered home is currently for sale for $1.2 million.

This is where you would park your car(s):

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This Atlantic Beach home on the northeastern coast of Florida was built in 1975.

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One-of-a-kind earth sheltered home in Manitou Springs, Colorado

This beautiful creation-of-a-house is located in one of my most favorite towns on earth: Manitou Springs, Colorado. I’ve posted before on the unique (some might even say anti-conformity) flavor of Manitou Springs, and this extends - naturally - to the real estate there.

People in Manitou like to express themselves – particularly through their homes.

Have a look at this earth-bermed house high up on a hill…

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Built into the Earth, this passive solar home maintains constant temperature, year-round. A wall of glass, fabric covered walls and a fan system provide additional warmth.

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Currently listed for sale at $350,000 this house was built in 1980 and features 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.

Lets’ have a look inside…

I can’t quite see what the “fabric covered walls” look like…the ceiling is certainly interesting though…..

My favorite part is the anthropomorphic fireplace:

Let’s have a closer look at this bad boy, I mean, book boy…

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A wacky, wonderful woodland house in Wales

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This funky little organic home is located in Wales in the U.K. It was built by its owner in less than four months.

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“You are looking at pictures of a house I built for our family in Wales. It was built by myself and my father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends.”

- from:

That’s so neat that they just recruited people passing by to help. It reminds me of the time when I moved into my first house and people walking by just offered to help move the heavy stuff!

Anyway… this particluar house was built into a small hillside so it is technically an earth-bermed house.

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I love the way that this plucky young fellow describes building his unique creation:

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Colorado mountainside earthship for sale – I actually toured this one!

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I was so excited to find this place near Idaho Springs (west of Denver Colorado) for sale earlier this week. Lupe and I had actually gone to see it on a solar/green homes tour in 2003! Back then we spoke with the owner about if she would ever sell it, but she was still in the building phase so not even considering selling at that time. But now… here it is on the market!

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And really close to our price range! Currently listed at $180,000 this custom-built earthship home has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom in 1800 square feet on a 5 acre lot.

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