homes built of stone

A smorgasboard of old stone houses

image from: (author: AgnosticPreachersKid – Creative Commons)

There’s something so enchanting about an old stone house. They are all over the place, and since they are made of stone, they seem to last forever. I profiled The Old Stone House in my own hometown not too long ago (you can see that post here).

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The name “The Old Stone House” is so commonly used for historic homes made from stone that one could do a entire blog post of old stone houses. So… I thought I’d look up some other Old Stone Houses around North America and around the world and put them together in a blog post.

Have a look at what I found…

[hover your cursor over the pics to see where these homes are located]

image from: (author: Daniel Case – Creative Commons)

image from: (author: dok1 Creative Commons)

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