house shaped like a pyramid

The famous pyramid house in Manitou Springs

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I came across this unique home in Manitou Springs in my own home search a little while ago and put the listing aside for a post in the near future. Then I saw last week that bigger sites like Curbed and had beat me to it and I was like – hey you big bullies, get off my turf! (Just kidding, I don’t really think like that)

So anyway, I decided to do my own post about this quirky Egyptian wanna-be house because Manitou Springs is my most favorite place in-the-whole-wide-world to go house-peeping. And I always find the most interesting and wacky homes there. Like this one:

Currently listed for sale at $650,000, this funky house has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 2,662 square feet. It was built in 1976 (AD).

Let’s have a look inside…

This home begins with a beautiful enclosed courtyard and slate entry through double doors imported from Italy.

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What is that texture on the walls, you ask? That there is “torn paper“. The flooring is brick.

It gets even better in the kitchen…

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