Italianate style home

Southern-style Italianate in New York State

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When you think of the northeastern states, you don’t really think of ornate Southern mansions.

But look at this 1816 Italianate home in Skaneateles Village, New York – it even has a large, welcoming Southern front porch:

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Not to be confused with the mansions of Savannah or New Orleans, this historic home is nestled in the center of Skaneateles Village (outside of Syracuse, New York), with views of the picturesque village lake.

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This exquisite Italianate is currently listed for sale at $897,500. Have a look inside…

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The First Confederate White House

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

As a student of history, I was thrilled to happen across this historic gem when I was visiting Alabama in the fall of 2009. My family and I were actually walking around downtown Montgomery, trying to locate the Civil Rights Memorial, when we came serendipitously upon the First Confederate White House.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

A couple of tourists had just exited the mansion and they told us the building was open for tours. For free. We were up the walk and at the front door in about TWO NANO-SECONDS!

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

We couldn’t wait to get in – not because we are fans of the rebels or Southern pride or anything like that. But because we really love old houses! And being a Canadian, I am fascinated with American Civil War era history. Not to mention the fact that we had NO IDEA this place even existed until we stumbled upon it that day.

Have a look at some of the photos we took…

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

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