John Denver’s Aspen home

John Denver’s house in Aspen, Colorado

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One of the most searched terms on my blog is “John Denver’s House“. I did a post a while back called Starwood in Aspen – about a home near John’s house in Aspen, Colorado that was for sale – but not John Denver’s actual house. Starwood is the name of the subdivision where he built his dream home.

I suspect people also search my blog for John Denver’s house because 1) I live in Colorado, 2) I love mountain homes, and 3) I occasionally mention my undying love for John Denver here on my blog.

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Your wish is my command. Here is the be-all-and-end-all post on John Denver’s former home in Aspen, Colorado……..

John Denver and his first wife Annie Martell lived in Edina, Minnesota until the late 1960s. With the success of his latest solo album, John brought Annie to Colorado to scope out a site for a future home.

Colorado had always been a favorite destination for John, although he was not actually born here. He was born in Roswell, New Mexico of all places. His father was an officer in the Air Force and the family moved often from state to state. The young Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr had traveled through Denver and was taken by the beauty of the wondrous Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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He began singing and playing guitar at age 11 when his grandmother gifted him a guitar. John performed in bars during college and soon became well known in the folk music scene as a singer/song-writer. He joined the group the Chad Mitchell Trio in 1965 and performed with the group until 1968. John was told during this time by record executives to change his name to something shorter. He chose the surname “Denver” in honor of the capital city of his favorite state – Colorado.

One thing I did not know before writing this post was that John Denver attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where he studied architecture. So when it came time for him and Annie to build their dream home, John – with the help of a professional architect – designed it himself. The home later won several architectural awards. It was built predominantly from redwood with tons of glass windows to take advantage of passive solar heating from the prime southern exposure.

The home is located at 570 Johnson Drive, Aspen, Colorado.

Why Aspen? John and Annie had been on a ski trip to the community and fell in love with the landscape and the small town atmosphere. Keep in mind that Aspen was not the astronomically expensive wealthy enclave that it is today.

Aspen, Colorado in 1974:

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Back then it was one of Colorado’s undiscovered gems. The irony of John Denver’s success is that his presence in (and vocal admiration of) his beloved Aspen contributed to droves of people swarming there. Subsequently, Aspen became an over-priced, heavily developed world famous ski resort destination. You can still find some old-timers in Colorado who are bitter about this and blame John Denver for the bastardization of Aspen, Snowmass and the surrounding areas.

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Starwood in Aspen

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To say that I am a huge fan of John Denver is an understatement. My friends have nick-named my 2003 mountaintop wedding “the John Denver affair”.

My son is named after John Denver (Noe Denver).

I just love the guy. And his music… don’t even get me started!

One of my favorite John Denver Colorado songs is Starwood In Aspen (second only to the official Colorado state song: Rocky Mountain High).

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