land grant by King of England

The oldest home in Clinton Connecticut – circa 1684!

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I told you I like really old houses.

Well, let me clarify… I respect people who own really old houses, and I like to admire really old houses. But when you get to the 300+ year age range… well I would be running the other way – as a potential buyer.

But for some hardy, history-loving soul in the state of Connecticut… have I got a house for you!

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Oldest home in Clinton, circa 1684 by grant to the Stevens Family (by the King of England) who occupied the farm for over 300 years until the present owners bought it. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Near beach, boating, shopping, and Connecticut Winery. Full of history!

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No kidding!

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Priced at $475,000, this home has four bedrooms in approximately 2,700 square feet. The listing does not mention anything about bathrooms. Or out-houses, for that matter.

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