mansion in ruins

Abandoned English Manor where a famous writer once lived

image from: (by: Josephine Pugh)

image from: (by: Josephine Pugh)

This house is absolutely exquisite in its state of ruin. Urban explorer/photographer Josephine Pugh came across this English manor in Berkshire, UK and photographed it extensively in its current state.

The mansion was abandoned 26 years ago when its last known human inhabitant died at the age of 96.

image from:

image from:

It has remained largely untouched since that time, save for a few scampering critters.

Yet another time capsule unlocked – we love those here at House Crazy. (Remember the Parisian Apartment frozen in time?)

This particular home is newer – by old English standards anyway. According to an article by Yohani Kamarudin, the estate was built in 1848 on the site of an earlier manor once rented out to a certain poet named John Milton. That’s the John Milton of Paradise Lost fame.

Oh the irony.

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The creepiest house on the market – EVER

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This sad, neglected beauty is located on Carleton Island, New York in the Thousand Island area of the St. Lawrence River.

Carleton Island Villa was built in 1894-5 for William O. Wyckoff – a wealthy American entrepreneur who made his fortune selling Remington typewriters.

Ironically, Mr. Wyckoff never really got to live in the extravagant house he had built. He died his first night in the mansion on July 7, 1895 of a massive heart attack. His wife predeceased him by one month (from cancer).

You just can’t make this stuff up.

One of Wyckoff’s adult sons inherited the mansion after his father died.

Today, Carleton Island Villa has not been lived in for over 60 years. Neglect and the weather have taken their toll and the historic home is a shell of her former (once lovely) self.

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