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Rezoned and Repurposed: 1920’s Maine school house

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This 1920’s school house in Hollis Center, Maine  was not only converted to a house, it was actually converted to a duplex with a mirrored floor plan.

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So it has over 4,000 square feet of living space with 7 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, etc., etc.

It was actually used as a school up until the 1960’s when it was converted to a single family home. The current owners used it as a duplex with living space on one side and a home-based business on the other side.

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The former school house is currently listed for for sale at $240,000.

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On the one side of the duplex is a remodeled kitchen with cherry red cabinets:

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Rita MacNeil’s Tea House on Cape Breton Island

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In honor of Canada’s birthday today I thought I would feature Rita’s Tea Room in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. If you are not familiar with Rita MacNeil, here’s a bit of back-story…

If you’ve ever heard the song Flying on Your Own, you have heard the work of Rita MacNeil.

Her gift is her ability to capture the emotionality of the working class woman’s struggle for dignity. As a Canadian child of the 1980’s when Rita hit her stride on the Canadian music scene, I was touched by her gentle, quiet demeanor and powerful singing voice, not to mention her heart-felt lyrics.

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Rita didn’t have the easiest life, growing up poor on the coal mining island of Cape Breton off Nova Scotia’s northeastern shores. She was a divorced single mother of two struggling to make a living in the music industry when she returned to her hometown of Big Pond on Cape Breton Island in 1982 and purchased the one-room school house she attended as a child. She lived in the 1939 building with her children for a couple of years until she gradually made it big on the Canadian music scene.

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During her many performances across Canada and around the world, she invited people to her hometown for “a cuppa tea” – an old east-coast Canadian tradition. The idea of opening up a public tea room took shape and the obvious choice for a location was Rita’s beloved old one-room school house.

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