Sterling Colorado library

Rezoned and Repurposed: Colorado Carnegie Library converted to home

photo credit: Jeffrey Beall - Flickr, Creative Commons license

I first saw this place a couple weeks ago on that new show on HGTV: You Live In What?!

The Carnegie library-turned-home is located in Sterling Colorado which is a small town on the eastern flat lands of Colorado. (No, not all of Colorado is mountainous – we have half of Kansas in our state!)

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Anyway, Sterling was one of those small towns in America that benefited from the philanthropy of Industrialist Andrew Carnegie when the townsfolk received funds to build a public library in 1916.

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The library was sold privately (probably when a newer, larger and wheelchair accessible space was needed) and the new owner did an exquisite restoration job and conversion into a residence.

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For a few years, the old library was even used as a bed & breakfast, and also housed a counselling business.

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It is now a private residence again but I was still able to find a few interior pictures of the building on-line.

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