sunburst in eaves

Melissa’s little sunburst house

image courtesy of Melissa

Today I am featuring a very special house. Melissa’s 500 square foot house in Denver, Colorado may be small in stature but it is loaded with family history and precious memories. You see, it has been in her family since the 1930’s.

I first saw Melissa’s house featured on the Tiny House Blog and was instantly smitten with the cute 1916 cottage and the fact that Melissa inherited it from her grandmother. I contacted Melissa and asked her for more information. She not only had an amazing story to share, she had old family photos of the home.

I’ll let Melissa tell the house’s story in her own words…

photo courtesy of Melissa

Located in Denver, CO my house has so much rich family history!  My grandparents moved into the house in 1936.  They came from Corsica, SD and picked Colorado because the doctor said the climate would be good for my grandfather’s asthma.  They moved with my grandma’s two sisters, and my uncle, who was an infant at them time.  My Grandmother was also pregnant with their second child. 

photo courtesy of Melissa

Previous to them moving in, the house only had 2 owners that I know of – the original builder and a lady who bought the house for rental property.  Even that must be an interesting story – a lady in the early 30’s owning property all around the Denver area as rental income!  As far as I could tell she did not live in the house.  My grandmother would tell me stories about how dirty the house was when they moved in.  I guess no one had lived in it for a while!  They quickly made it a home and began farming all the land around it.  At the time, the railroad owned the land to the south and up until the early 80’s they ran trains.

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