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THIS is how you decorate an old house: 1891 Victorian in Oregon

Image from: (by Kimberley Bryan)

When I saw this beautiful 1891 Victorian home featured on Houzz I sat up straight in my chair.

I’m so used to seeing old houses gutted and rebuilt to look new on design blogs, that this was a refreshing departure. Sure, there’s been some updating, but the way the home is kept, the way the owners have it decorated, just makes my history-loving heart beat happy with joy.

image from: (by: Kimberley Bryan)

Have a look inside:

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Meet me in Saint Louis – and pick the house you like best!

Today I’m featuring another 2-houses-for-sale-on-the-same-street comparison; this time in Saint Louis Missouri.

These homes are both gorgeous, both over 100 years old, AND they are actually RIGHT beside each other!

So let’s see which one will get your vote…

House #1

image from:

Priced at: $539,000

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