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My kitchen sink mystery solved… maybe

When people walk into my kitchen, the first thing they often say is: “Oh look at the old sink!” Or some variation of that such as: “That sink reminds me of my grandma’s house“.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Not the kind of thing a modern gal wants to hear about her kitchen. But hey, if you are a vintage sink lover like me, you’d be drawn to this kitchen just for the sink – like I was (notwithstanding the fact that there is no dishwasher).

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

I could tell that the sink unit was mid-century, and I could tell it was metal with enamel porcelain on top. But I really had no idea what brand or year it was.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

One day, not too long ago, a friend sent me a link to a Crane 1950’s kitchen hardware catalog:

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Historic cottage in Buena Vista, Colorado for sale

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This cute yet rustic cottage in Buena Vista, Colorado is currently for sale and I have been keeping my eye on it for a while now.

It’s totally charming and I love the darn thing, but darn it, the house is short a bedroom (I need at least 3 and this house only has 2!)

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Listed at $179,000, this home has 1481 square feet on a half acre lot right in historic Buena Vista – a lovely small town in central Colorado.

Have a look inside…

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Built in 1899, this house still has the original log beam walls with chinking exposed!

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