Teacup Cottage

Prepare to be charmed… (Old World style)…

image from: http://www.uniquehomestays.com

Teacup Cottage in Warleggan, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, is an adorable historic (Grade II- listed) moorland bed & breakfast.

It sleeps 2 for a romantic honeymoon-esque getaway, but sorry – no kids (“babes in arms only”) and only well behaved small dogs are permitted. (That would rule out my crazy canine – even though he only weighs 16 pounds!)

Situated in southwestern England, Teacup Cottage is an unhosted (or self-serve bed & breakfast) but they do include a hand-delivered breakfast “hamper” full of goodies for their guests.

The cottage features thick stone walls painted white, wood floors and ceilings – also painted white. So this squat, very old structure appears bright, airy and light-filled inside.

The house’s namesake….

Well I suppose those are tea pots, rather than teacups, but close enough.

I could not find out how old the cottage is, but there are other buildings in the village that date back to the 15th century.

image from: http://www.uniquehomestays.com

I’m not sure this farmhouse is that old, but it looks to be at least 18th century. (Now don’t go thinking I’m an expert on English moorland stone structures…’cause I’m not.)

This cottage is delightfully quaint and cozy and I love that they preserved so much of the vintage detail – even if it is all painted white.

The inky blue floral-print curtains look amazing in there!

And what is that in the left corner (below)?

At first glance I thought it was a shower stall, but upon closer inspection, it seems it might be a narrow staircase!

Guests are also welcome to explore the cottage’s outside spaces which include a sheltered garden and a cedar hot tub.

It’s completely enchanting! The owners of Teacup Cottage are marketing it as a “discreet, luxurious” romantic getaway, but I think the cottage could just as easily be marketed as a writer’s retreat or artist’s escape.

image from: http://www.uniquehomestays.com

For more information about this darling English country B&B, see here.


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