Texas charmer for cheap


Sometimes I can’t believe the price of homes in different regions. In some places they are astronomical, and in other places, they seem far below what they should be.

image from: oldhouses.com

Take for instance this charming 1904 Victorian cottage in Marlin, Texas with over 3500 square feet of living space, currently listed for only $99,900.

Now, 3500 square feet may be small by Texas standards, but that is some pretty impressive square footage for a historic home at that price point!

It is located on over an acre of gorgeous land:

image from: oldhouses.com

Have a look at the character inside:

image from: oldhouses.com

This 1904 home has FOUR bedrooms and THREE bathrooms!

The wood floors are stunning!

image from: oldhouses.com

This place appears as though it has been handled with kid-gloves for the 100-plus years it has been around! Not a nick, not a scratch, nary a wear-and-tear indication that the house is older than my granny!

image from: oldhouses.com

And my granny would probably feel right at home in the vintage kitchen with original cabinetry…

image from: oldhouses.com

This bathroom might be my favorite room of all:

image from: oldhouses.com


You can see the complete listing (with historical narrative) here.

Not only do you get a GREAT house for a BARGAIN price, but look at all the extras it comes with:

Many items are included with the sale:  Upright Piano, original Couch and 2 chairs, bookcase in living room, cabinet in back room, refrigerator, range, microwave, washing machine, dryer, 4 trunks with contents; vintage clothes, etc. and a treasured 1929 Marlin Yearbook.
– from: oldhouses.com

Vintage clothes? An upright piano??  A 1929 Yearbook???

What an amazing purchase this will be for some lucky history lover!