And that’s a wrap for House Crazy Sarah

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Yes, it’s true. I’m saying goodbye to my blog, this time for good.

After over 4 years, 500 posts, and nearly 2 million unique views, it is finally time for me to call it quits.

The good news is that this website – House Crazy – will live on because I am selling it to new owners.

The buyers promised that they would keep it much the same and continue to add great content.

So you still will be able to get your ‘house fix’ on House Crazy – it just won’t be written by your dear friend House Crazy Sarah.

So what’s next for me?

I am moving onto other writing projects which have been sorely neglected over these past few years while I focused on my blog.

I will truly miss all my dedicated fans and enthusiastic fellow house crazies. I have met some phenomenal people through my website and I’m very grateful for that.

Someone asked me what my all-time favorite post was on the site….. I have many special posts I enjoyed creating, but the one that keeps coming to the top of my mind is: Melissa’s Little Sunburst House. That post embodies what we all loved about this blog: the sheer joy of a home of one’s own.

So with that bitter-sweet nugget, I bid you adieu.

Keep it real friends!

Sarah Felix Burns


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  • Val S says:

    Congratulations on finally getting paid for all the hard work you’ve put into this site, and good luck with your future ventures!

  • Debbie B says:

    I wish you the best on this new chapter of life. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this blog. I love seeing the notification pop up in my email and I use it as a treat for myself once I’ve completed other work. I’m thankful that will continue. Good luck!

  • Darn! I have enjoyed your blog so much. It’s really sad to see you go, but yes, blogs do take a lot of time and effort from other pursuits, and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors. (I hope you can drop by the continuation from time to time to comment.)

  • Michele Cox says:

    Sarah, I am so sorry you are leaving! I have enjoyed it! See you on Facebook!

  • Bren says:

    I’m so sad to see you go! I have very much enjoyed your blog and your unique voice. I hope the new owners will stay true to their word and carry on as you have. Will you please drop in for a guest post every once in a while? You will be missed, but I wish you much luck on your other endeavors! xo

  • Sue says:

    You’re breaking my heart Sarah, but I am proud of and happy for you to sell your blog and move on to a different writing project. Take the greatest of care and I wish you and your wonderful family all the best things in life. Sniff..sniff..Adieu

  • Paula Rowell says:

    So sorry to see you go. I’ve very much enjoyed reading about these amazing homes and the history that is attached to them. I thank you also for featuring my gggggrandfathers house in Nova Scotia. The home of the Ruggles family (some say the crazy Ruggles family!). Wishing you the best of everything in your new venture!

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks everyone for all the heartfelt comments and emails! The transfer will take place over the next couple of days.

  • Sel says:

    You will be sorely missed. All your posts brought out your personality and love for houses. Wishing well in your endeavors. Stay well friend.
    Sel keep in touch,..

  • Debbie B says:

    I had hoped the line that the new owners had promised to keep this site much the same was not too good to be true but turns out it was. A deluge of cookie cutters “tips” and design posts flooding the inbox and not one of them an original idea and not one of them having anything to do with unique houses. Sad to say that my time here is now ending.

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