The 5 most haunted houses in the UK

Ruthin Castle - image from:

Ruthin Castle – image from:

Today I’m featuring a guest post written by a British reader of my blog who is an expert on haunted houses on the other side of the big pond.

Thanks for your contribution James!

~ House Crazy Sarah


Top 5 Haunted Houses in the UK

The United Kingdom is well known for being home to the Queen, some of the best breweries in the world and many haunted buildings. Below are five of the most ghostly houses in Britain, with unexplained paranormal activity around every corner.


102 Watergate Street, Chester

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Famed as one of the most haunted cities in Europe, the ancient walled city of Chester is awash with reports of spooky goings on. With its crypts, dark alleyways and cellars, it seems like every house in Chester has its share of ghouls and apparitions. However some houses report more bumps in the night than others. 102 Watergate Street is known as ‘the house where nobody wants to live’. For many years the large rambling Tudor house has stood empty after inexplicable noises have been heard coming from the first floor. On one occasion, a long drawn-out scream followed by a terrifying crash sent the residents rushing upstairs, but after a careful search nothing was found to be out of place.


Ruthin Castle, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales

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With its drowning pit, dungeons and whipping room, Ruthin Castle, built by Edward 1st in 1217, has more supernatural goings on than most historical buildings. Many ethereal beings have been seen roaming the halls including a lost little girl and a smartly dressed solider. The most famous phantom resident is known as ‘The Grey Lady’. Executed hundreds of years ago, the jealous wife murdered her husband’s lover and was sentenced to death. Her ghostly form wanders the castle calling out for forgiveness.


Comlongon Castle, Dumfries, Scotland

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In 1570 it was reported that Lady Marian Carruthers took her own life by jumping from the lookout tower of Comlongon Castle (although rumour has it she was pushed). Grass will not grow in the spot where she struck the ground and her sorrowful spirit is said to stalk the grounds of this medieval castle looking for a place to rest. The apparition of Lady Marian is a ghostly green in colour and smells strongly of apples.


Talbot House, Oundle, Northamptonshire

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Possibly one of the most famous ghosts of all time, Talbot House is said to be haunted by Mary Queen of Scots. With its stonework and staircase from nearby Fotheringhay Castle. Mary has been spotted on numerous occasions wandering the staircase which she passed down on her walk to execution. Furniture is also said to have been mysteriously moved around the house with photographs of Mary’s execution having be known to jump from the walls.


50 Berkley Square, Mayfair, London

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Said to be the most haunted town house in the whole of London, the attic room of 50 Berkley Square has seen more than its fair share of horror. Constructed in the late 18th century, the house is haunted by the spirit of a young woman who committed suicide by throwing herself from the top floor window. Her spirit, an eerie brown mist, has driven visitors to madness over the years. In the Victorian era, two deaths were said to have occurred after spending the night in the room. One nobleman, who after staying in the house did not wake up, was pronounced ‘dead by fright’.


James Finlayson works for lighthousesecurity at day and writes about houses, haunted and not at night! He loves London for the great design inspiration that it has to offer.






  • Sue says:

    At first I thought I would like to stay in the Scotland castle, but after reading this whole post, I don’t want to wake up dead from fright. Thanks James and Sarah.

  • So nice to meet you James! Your descriptions of these haunted manses are wonderful. Why is it that the Uk seems to have so much more by way of hauntings then the USA I wonder. No matter- I must visit some of these on my next visit over the pond!

  • Sharon says:

    As always, a short fun read and wonderful photos! Thanks!

  • Val Sparkle says:

    My British husband tells the story of staying at a house in Chester (not on Watergate) and waking up to see someone at the foot of his bed. It took a few seconds before he realized it was not one of his fellow students, and then the apparition was gone. I love these stories, but they scare me a lot!

  • Sel says:

    it is true that the evil spirits can and will use our weak minds for their
    own benefit. They know well their presence in the flesh cannot cross
    the barrier set so long ago. Now the question of these sightings?
    Simple, human weak minds is all they have to work with….their time is
    limited when their destruction comes, this they know, and they tremble.

  • james says:

    Oh, I am glad you guys liked the post!
    What is the most famous haunted house in the US?
    @Sue ahahah, don’t worry! I am sure you’ll be able to find a beautiful non haunted Scottish Castle somewhere …maybe… 😀

  • Greene says:

    Haunted house is scary house and people scare with the haunted house. And in the haunted house being some disembodied spirits. Which was scary for us.

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