The completely elegant 1818 Sackets Harbor House

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Sackets Harbor House is an Inn located in the town of Sacket’s Harbor, New York. Situated just across the street from Lake Ontario, this Georgian-style structure was built in 1818.

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In the 1930’s, however, there were two large wings added to the north and south sides, as well as a two-story veranda.

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Inn-keepers Joni and Rick Hubbard have spent well over a decade and a lot of money restoring this grand home to its original glory.

The interior is just as elegant as the exterior…

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When reading through the Sackets Harbor House website, I was amused to find that this B&B has a no children allowed policy. They put it this way:

Due to the antique nature of our home and some of the safety issues herein, we only accommodate Guests aged 16 and older.”

*Cheshire Cat grin*  (I bet my poor old house would welcome a policy like that.)

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Sacket’s Harbor House is actually currently listed on the market for $875,000. No word on why the owners want out but the listing description does give us this tidbit:

REDUCED $100,000 !  Motivated Seller, $1.2 Million Restoration


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The current owners did an amazing job of restoring the home after it was left in a state of disrepair by a previous owner who went bankrupt in the 1990’s.

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I hate to say it, but… perhaps the house is jinxed

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Or perhaps, like most any other antique house, she is just a fussy, high-maintenance gal. (Otherwise known as: a money pit.)

But it’s a shame – she is gorgeous!

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I do hope this home can find new owners who have the cash, patience and passion to keep her going.

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She has lucked-out thus far… hopefully the future will grant her many more good years.

For more information on the 1818 Sackets Harbor House see here.

To view the real estate listing, see here.

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(Is that a rainbow over the house?)

She’s somebody’s pot of gold… just waiting to be found.


  • Good morning, Sarah!

    This place is incredible! I love beautiful architecture and it’s always great to see people wanting to preserve it.
    Great post!

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    I hope you have a great day!

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    • housecrazy says:

      Thanks Luciane!
      It’s beautiful in the Maritimes… though I haven’t been there in a very long time!

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